Understanding The Billion Coin (TBC) Vision

The billion coin (TBC), is a crypto currency that was designed to eradicate poverty globally. It is a crypto currency of the people, by the people and for the people.

Unlike Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto – currencies, TBC is the only cryptocurrency that is totally decentralised. Free from the manipulation of price movement by the elites and the ruling class. TBC is the first abundant based cryptocurrency that has successfully passed the scrutiny of the US security and exchange commission.

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However, the vision and mission of the founders of TBC is to eradicate poverty all over the world.  And that will be made possible when a billion people join TBC.It was not created to be traded in coin market like other crypto currencies. The value of TBC is determined by the number of living people who own TBC in their blockchain wallets.

I presume by now you know that more than 51% of the world’s wealth is in the hands of 1% of people, (the ruling class) while the remaining 49% is being shared or managed by 99% of the world’s population. 

TBC has a mission to change that. So the only way to fulfil this mission is to make the TBC community private. This position of TBC makes it impossible for the big “whales” or ruling class to manipulate it or decide what happens to TBC.

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Bitcoin which is supposed to be a decentralised currency is today, not free from domination by the ruling class. They manipulate the price of bitcoin and other crypto – currencies as they please and as such millions of people who need money do not have the ability to own bitcoin as we speak.

For the past three years, the founder of TBC has done everything possible to make sure that it is not manipulated by the ruling class. This is to ensure that the mission and vision is not defeated. The TBC community is a private community. We do not want the interference of the ruling class. 

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The more people join the TBC community, the more money, we make and the more millionaires will emerge daily from the community.
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TBC is a currency that is measured in grains of gold.  So four (4) grains of gold is equals $100. 
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