Telecoms VTU Business in NigeriaTelecoms VTU business in Nigeria is one business that will make you earn money even while you sleep. Did I hear you say “earn money even while you sleep?” Yes!

I mean you can earn money will you sleep. Sounds too good to be true right?  Well, you should know that investing in telecommunication is one of the best decisions you can make as a businessman.

Why you Should Invest in Telecoms Business

I presume you know that people buy recharge airtime the way they buy food and water. Do you know that the use of virtual top-up increased during the lockdown? Recharge cards sellers were selling with a 2% increment for all categories.

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Banks keep sending messages to customers to top up their airtime, subscribe to TV and buy data directly from their bank accounts.

Have you ever thought of the reason these banks keep sending you such messages? Or do you think they are doing that because they are Father Christmas? No! Of course. They are making a hell of money from millions of Nigerians. They make money from their purchases and still charge for those services.

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You too can make money like the banks by having your own telecoms business where people can top up from your website with 2, 3, or 4% discount, depending on the network, they want to top up with. Even if you don’t charge any membership fee for sign-ups. You will earn millions from their airtime top-ups, data bundles, and television subscriptions.

How Much Will This Investment Cost You?

The original price for this telecoms business is set up is N650, 000 but we have a promo because of the corona virus pandemic to enable as many as are interested in the telecoms business. Especially, to reduce the effect of the pandemic and help people set up a business that cannot be affected by the pandemic. This package goes for just N120,000. With this investment you will own two online stores that will spin money for you daily, weekly, and monthly.

This offer ends in 2 weeks from today 21th May – 4rd June 2020.

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Hurry and get yours before this promo slip away in two weeks.

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How Will Investing in Telecoms VTU in Nigeria Earn you ₦450,000 Monthly?

Let me show you how to make N450,000 as a telecom dealer in Nigeria. When I said you can make N450, 000 a month as a telecoms dealer in Nigeria, I meant what I said, it’s no exaggeration.

You might even be thinking, “₦450, 000 a month from telecoms is too good to be true”. But t that’s the truth, as far as business in Nigeria is concerned, telecommunication is a money-spinner. Sure! It is the new oil well. You will earn far more than ₦450,000 a month.

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or pay using bank deposit or transfer

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Pay to Mildred Opara

GTBank – 0039166349.

Before you continue, I want you to pick up your calculator, let’s do a little maths on this business I am about to hand over to you here and now:

Are You With Me?

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Let’s go ahead …

Your investment will earn you two online stores. Below are the earning potentials from each of the stores that we will be handing over to you. Remember I told you N450,000 is small, compared to what you will be earning from this business every month.

Telecoms business Online Store One (1)

Now follow me as I take you one step at a time. When you invest in this telecoms business, we will be setting up/launching your new Tele-Communication Dealer Business Online “two Stores” .. Just like the banks.

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List of services you will be rendering from your first store

  • Profit from the membership fee
  • profit from virtual top-up
  • Profit from data bundles
  • profit from bill payments
  • Profit from gift cards

Potential Income from Membership Fee

You can decide to charge each user to pay you membership fee: of at least  ₦1000 to ₦10,000, But I suggest you charge a moderate amount of between ₦1000 to ₦2000.

The reason is this: Not many people can afford to pay as high as ₦3000, ₦4000, ₦5000 or ₦10,000. Another reason is, some telecoms business dealers charge about N5000, like Recharge and Get Paid, who have a faulty funding system and poor customer care.

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So by charging lower membership fees you stand a chance of getting more and more customers to sign up on your website to use your platform and refer more people to join your platform. You will also have those that want to Resell.

The Membership Fee Becomes Your Print Out:

First Income Revenue:  ₦1,000 X First 1000 Users =

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One million (₦1,000,000) naira in income. (Remember, you stand a chance of having up to one million members because of the low entry fee of N1000). So you do the maths.

Income from virtual Airtime Top-up

As the admin and CEO of the online store, you earn up to 7% passive income. Even if these 1000 users are hungry, they would buy at least ₦100 worth of airtime every day at a discount rate of 3% if only you want to make them happy. While you the dealer retains 4% per VTU. So, let’s do the maths.

If these 1000 users are trading or buying airtime worth ₦100

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N100 X 1000 members = ₦100,000 and you will be making:

₦100,000 divided by N100 (N100, 000/100= ₦100 X 4 =₦4,000) daily on airtime alone.

If they are buying ₦200 each, you will be making

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= ₦8,000 daily on airtime alone.

If they are buying ₦500 Airtime each, your profit will be

₦10,000 daily on airtime alone.

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In a month which is 30days, your profit will be

₦120,000/ ₦240,000 / ₦300,000 respectively.

This is Just on virtual top-up for airtime.

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Income from Browsing Data Bundles for all Nigerian Networks (MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL).  

As the store owner, you stand to earn huge income from data bundles.

Are you still reading?

Follow me as I show you your potential income for data bundles for all the networks in Nigeria. As I said earlier, this post is to show you how to become a telecoms dealer in Nigeria and make N450, 000 monthly, remember? Telecoms business in Nigeria is huge.

Now, let me show you more of your earnings as a telecom VTU dealer in Nigeria.

If you have 1000 data subscribers on your website as a dealer, out of these 1,000 users, let’s say only half of them, that’s 500 of them become your data bundle retailers.

If they buy 1 GB MTN from you @ ₦390 and resell to the end-users at ₦700 or ₦800 or at their own choice. Even if you are making ₦70 – ₦100 from each sale as profit, now let’s say these your 500 retailers buy 3-4times daily.

At this point, let’s work with 3 times and ₦70 profit.

So in calculating the profit for each person  –  ₦70 X 3times daily = ₦210 x 500 users = cool ₦105,000 daily x 7days in a week= ₦735,000 weekly. ₦105,000 x 30 days in a Month = ₦3,150,000 (3 million, one hundred and fifty thousand naira)

monthly cool cash ..

From browsing data bundle alone.

Let’s Proceed: shall we?

Monthly Bill Payment and Subscriptions

We are still looking at how to become a telecoms dealer in Nigeria and earn N450,000 monthly. Let’s look at the profit you will make from DSTV, GOTV, Startime, electricity -prepaid, examination scratch cards [WAEC, NECO, JAMB] as the admin and store owner below are for prospective earnings from bill payments.

Because of space and time, I will give you a brief breakdown by combining all the services in this section. DSTV, GOtv, Startime, prepaid electricity.

That said, assuming you are retaining ₦80 or ₦100 for each subscription, with the same 500 retailers amongst your 1,000 users.

Still working with 3 times subscription by each retailer with ₦80 profit from each subscription.

Calculating the profit for each of the 500 retailers

₦80 X 3times daily = ₦240 x 500 = Cool ₦120,000 (120k) Daily x 7days in a week = ₦840,000 weekly X 30days in a month = ₦3600000

(3million, six hundred thousand naira) raw cash from bill payments alone.

I hope you are still following me?

We will now proceed to the next one on the list.

Gift Cards (Amazon gift card, iTunes gift card, Steam gift card, Google gift card, eBay gift card, Sephora gift card, iTunes ecode card. Come with me as I show you what you can earn from selling cards for multinational organizations I have listed above.

Like our examples above, let’s use the first 1000 users. But this time, we will use only 100 of them to calculate how much you can make.

Also Read: Start VTU Business with Just N1000 and earn a minimum of N3000 daily  (Please use 08030648867 as your referral phone number).

Trade at least one gift card of $50 only and you pay him/her  ₦7,000 for $50 volume. As gift cards are traded in volumes. And you the dealer will be making a profit of ₦3000 for each sale = ₦3000 X 100 = ₦300,000 weekly x 4 Weeks of a month. = ₦1200000 monthly (one million, two hundred thousand naira monthly) on gift cards.

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Buy and Sell Bitcoin (BTC)

Sell bitcoin, transfer and withdraw money to any bank in Nigeria.

You make huge income as a dealer.

We are supposed to round up with bitcoin but because of the volatile nature of bitcoin. I’m sorry but for my reputation and good name, I won’t run a calculation here on BTC. As I said earlier, it is like the stock market: its price is not fixed.

However, you can make thousands and millions from this too.

Let’s bring all the profit calculated for the first store together.

Total Income Projection from Store One

  • Income from membership fee =₦1M-illion Cash
  • Monthly virtual top up on airtime N 120,000
  • Data bundle sales                      ₦3 million, one hundred fifty thousand monthly
  • All bill payments                         ₦3 million six hundred thousand monthly
  • Gift Card Transactions –            ₦1 million two hundred thousand naira


Total                                                                ₦9 Million + Cool Raw Cash Monthly.

Note that bitcoin transaction is not included.

This is what you will earn in a month, Imagine you are earning this amount every month, which is just like the minimum you can earn. As you know, not everyone will buy  as low as N100 or 1G data. Several people buy far higher than the figures I used in this illustration.

I guess by now you understand what I said from the beginning. Telecoms business is a money-spinner. The N450,000 is for the worst-case scenario. That is if you don’t earn at all, you will earn that amount. That is how lucrative telecoms business is all over the world. But in Africa Nigeria is has the highest earning potential because of our population of about 200,000.

Let’s take a look at the potential earnings for the second store.

Remember we are still looking at how to become a telecoms dealer in Nigeria and earn N450,000 monthly.

Since your investment will earn you two online stores as I promised, we shall proceed to see your earning potential for the 2nd store.

Let’s take a look at the prospective income.

Telecoms Dealer Store Two (2)

There is something special about this particular store/website and its products and service. Here, you don’t need too many customers to make money. With just 10 to 20 clients, you will be able to repeat sales over and over again.

You are not sharing profit with anyone, not even NCC or network provider.

Not like airtime virtual top-up, data, and television subscription.

With this store, you decide the prices you want to sell.

Just receive the product once in your e-mail and sell the same product over and over again and keep all the generated cool cash for yourself.

Due to space and time, I will use only one out of 10 products and services.

Join me as I take you through the steps.

Sales of GSM Database Categorized by States, LGA, and Locations with Names and Sex.  (For effective and targeted SMS marketing via bulk SMS, WhatsApp blasting).

Owing to the fact that people are closer to their phones than they listen to radio advertisements, television and newspaper, more than 90% of Nigerians are always with their mobile phones. Funny but true, some even go to the bathroom and toilet with their phones.

With this in mind, business owners, companies, organizations, marketers, producers, etcetera, know that mobile SMS marketing through bulk SMS services or WhatsApp blasting is the fastest and cheapest way to attract customers and clients to convert at least 90% audience than any other channel.

Even if you don’t want to patronize them, you would open and read the contents of the text message that hit your phone, and then consider if you would buy or not. But you can bet, if they are able to convince you, you would click on the link to see what they have to offer, and you could be converted to a customer.

Why do you think banks always send messages to customers with their offers? Most of their clients started using their products and services as a result of the regular SMS they send to their clients.

If we are to compare the number of audiences reading news-paper, listen to the radio or watch televisions to those going online and those using phones. We would find out that the majority of people don’t buy newspapers or listen to the radio and even watch TV regularly.

You can make payment using bank deposit or transfer

Pay to Mildred Opara

GTBank – 0039166349.

At this instance, let’s say you decided to sell at N30,000 for each state’s database of GSM phone numbers. Using an advertising platform like Nairaland. Placed a paid advert on their business section at ₦20, 000, for one week or one month. And you get 70 people who show interest.

Trust Nairaland traffic, out of these 70 people, if 20 out are converted to customers and buys immediately. At ₦30,000 discounted offer, that is ₦30,000 x 20 sales = ₦600,000

Deducting the ₦20,000 you used for advert = ₦580,000 income in your bank account.

Note that the rest 50 prospects that placed reservation might still come back to buy before the end of the month.

From the first income of ₦580,000 you can remove 200k to aggressively advertise

across all channels on the internet and newspapers. With these aggressive adverts, this time you could make more sales than the previous one that you did on Naira land.

The second product/service in-store two (2) Sale of E-mail Address Database

I believe by now you know that it’s possible for you to make far more than the 450,000 I talked about at the beginning of this post. We are still on how to become a telecoms dealer in Nigeria and earn ₦450,000 monthly.

As the owner of the store, you stand to earn huge income in this second product you will offer.

You can decide to sell at ₦20,000 or N10,000, it’s your choice.

Use the same process as the one above, run paid Adverts or SEO

Search Engine Optimization.

Ranking your website on Google and bing for e-mail address database and generate 200 reservations a month and convert 50 sales. As that is hot in demand.

Most business owners have come to believe e-mail marketing (The money is in the list). ₦20,000 x 50 Sales = ₦1 Million Income monthly income. Or

₦10,000 x 50 Sales = ₦500,000 monthly income, if you decided to sell at 10k.

Other Products and Services in this Second Store  

  • Bulk SMS service – mobile marketing services
  • Sales Of WhatsApp blasting services.

(For your clients effective SMS marketing, available for those that don’t want to buy bulk SMS Units)

  • Sale of NCC catabases of phone numbers categorized by states, LGA and locations with names & sex (for your clients effective and targeted SMS Marketing)
  • Via bulk SMS, WhatsApp blasting ..etc..
  • GSM short code services
  • Voice calls and caller tune services.. ”
  • Sales of motivational eBooks.
  • You can help business owners, companies, organizations, and individuals to get a 100% professional working LIVE CHART integration as part of services we offer into their existing and upcoming websites…for easy customer communication on their website, which leads to more sales for them.
  • Sales Of USSD code, toll-free, and no paid lines for the effective running of their business.
  • As part of the services, we offer as telecommunication dealers.
  • Web hosting and development services as a partner on my web hosting and development

Are you not seeing the potential reality that you can suck millions from telecoms business in Nigeria? Telecommunication is the new oil well, giving you the opportunity to suck wealth without limit. I guess you know that oil price is presently at zero (0). But in the midst of the lockdown because of the pandemic, telecoms business in Nigeria still thrives as people wouldn’t stop making calls, buy data to go online and/or watch TV.

The internet is not limited by a stay at home order, because even at home people work on the internet, people go online to search for information, even online business opportunities.

And what do you think? Do you know that many businesses will close after the lockdown and new businesses will spring up? Telecoms business is one of the businesses that will not fail because people are now addicted to browsing, read newspapers, watching videos online, and making calls. People are obsessed with their phones, yes! Some people sleep with their phones in their hands, while some put their phones under their pillows.

Why did I tell you that I will be showing you how to become a telecoms dealer in Nigeria and earn ₦45000 monthly?  Because most people download books online to read, people go to school online. People do everything you can do in the physical, so are in for a BIG business. The money you will make in this business will make your bank account swell with millions in no time. Telecoms business in Nigeria is massive. Don’t just imagine, be a part of the new oil business.

What is your take on this?
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