How to Write an eBook

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How to Write an ebook

Hi, this is a tutorial on how to write an ebook. But first, what is an ebook>

An ebook as the name implies is an electronic book. you can read an ebook without holding it in your hands. An ebook is a non-tangible book that you can read from your phone, tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop computer.

Why Write an eBook?

The world is revolutionising as technology is evolving, there are innovations everywhere. With an ebook, you can reach millions of readers by sending it to their email or providing a downloadable link for people to download and read the book from their phones and laptops. People everywhere are searching for information to solve one problem or the other, so writing an ebook, provides an opportunity for people to have access to your book from any location.

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Advantages of Wring an Ebook

An eBook is Cheaper to Publish

An ebook as I said earlier is an electronic book, as such, it is less expensive to write and publish. Unlike the normal tangible books where the authors have to pay a typist to first type and pay printers to print the book and pay for logistics to convey the book from one place to the other. Even if the author plans to launch the book he has to convey them from his office to the venue chosen for the book launch.

An ebook enables you the author to make money from the book without spending a fortune. Unlike normal books, where you need to raise a lot of money to publish your book, you only need either your phone, tablet, iPad or your laptop to write your book and an internet connection to share your ebook on the internet.

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Provides Passive Income for Life

The fact that an ebook is cheaper to produce or publish gives an opportunity to the author to make more money from it for life. It is a source of passive income as people will keep buying your products even while you sleep. All you need do is write it and set it up with a downloadable link where buyers can click after making payment.

Let me give you a brief explanation of what I’m saying:

Now, let’s say you published an ebook on “How to Make Money Online in Nigeria”.  If you have a blog and create a downloadable link with. It is a passive income because your blog is already published you can decide to work on it for a week or two and rest for 6 months, this ebook or any other ebook you have on your blog can fetch you millions of naira.

if you advertise any of your ebooks on Facebook and sell it to 100 people at N2000 each, that will be N200,000.

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If you do this with different ebooks on how to solve one problem or the other, you will keep receiving avalanches of naira and make millions monthly.

How to Write an Ebook and Make Money from it

Make a Research on What You Want to Write About

Writing an ebook is not a difficult task, as far as you can read and write simple English. All you need is a phone, laptop or a desktop computer. When you have any of the items mentioned above, the next thing you need to know before writing your ebook is the title of your ebook, what do you want to write about? Whatever the title of your ebook, whether you know well about it or not, you can make research on the topic of your book and equip your self you enough knowledge before you go ahead to write your ebook.

Arranging the Contents of  Your eBook

A book is supposed to have a table of contaent, you you need to arrange them in the proper order to give your readers easy navigation throughout the book.

You can decide to write an

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Chapters
  • Disclamer
  • Warning Against Piracy
  • About the Author
  • Conclusion

When writing an ebook you also need to add headers and footers to your ebook, this is where you will insert you page numbers, the title of the book and or your website address.

In all of this the most important thing is the content of your ebook, so writing an ebook that will help people solve problems.

For full details on how to write a successful ebook, click the link to make a payment and download the video.





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