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- August
Posted By : Mildred
Natural Remedy for Arthritis

Before I go on to show you the natural remedy for arthritis, I want to briefly explain what arthritis is and the causes.
Arthritis is a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints.

Broom weed/sida acuta
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What Causes Athritis?

Cartilage is a firm but flexible connective tissue in the joints that protects the joints by absorbing the pressure created when we move. As one advances in age, the cartilage gradually reduces in size as a result of the activities and the food one consumes from time to time. This reduction in the size or amount of the cartilage causes arthritis.

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There are various types of arthritis but the most common ones are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Natural Remedy for Arthritis

Arthritis is one disease that has defied conventional drugs. Because the pains in joints is cause by reduction of cartilage which helps protect the bones from being harmed as we put pressure on the joints when we move. That is why we need to know what type of food makes arthritis worse. Because what you eat will affect your health positively or negatively.

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The only remedy for this disease is supernatural intervention and or natural herbs which will help restore the worn out cartilage in the joints. Now, you may ask “what is the best home remedy for arthritis?” Or what is the best natural supplement for arthritis?.
As a Christian, I believe so much in divine healing. As I have different times in my life received divine healing. So if you believe in Jesus, be rest assured that He is able to heal you of any disease, if you will not doubt.

Now tho the main topic of discussion in this article, natural remedy for arthritis. If you have been asking “what is the best vitamin for arthritis?” Well you need to try this natural remedy for arthritis and I believe you will testify that it works.

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So, follow these steps to get total cure for arthritis.

Get enough of the leaves, stem and roots of the plant in the image of this post. It is commonly called broom weed. The botanical name for this leave is sida acuta. Ensure you uproot it from the ground. Do not just cut it from the stem.

  1. Get a bowl of water, add salt to it and wash the leaves you uprooted, in the salted water.
  2. Put about 10 litres of water depending of the quantity you have. Cut the leaves together with the stems and roots in pieces and put it in the pot to boil. Please make sure you boil with firewood or charcoal. Leave to boil for 10 minutes.
  3. Remove the boiled leaves from the pot and dispose it.
  4. Pour some of the juice left in the pot into a glass and mix with a spoon of some of the ashes from the fire wood or coal you used to cook it. Please note the ashes contains calcium which is also good for bones. Drink it 2 tines daily for 3 weeks and you will be completely healed of the arthritis.

You can keep it refrigerated and warm it before drinking every day.

Please note that the juice will draw as if you added okro. That is how the leave is.

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Please share to help someone with such health challenges. If you know any other natural remedy for any health challenge, you can share it here for others to benefit from it.

Thanks for visiting.

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