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How to Treat Stomach Ulcer at Home.

I will be talking about how to treat stomach ulcers at home. But before we proceed, I want to through light on what stomach ulcers are.

What is Stomach ulcer?

Stomach ulcer is a painful sore in the stomach lining. It so sometimes affects the stomach and the small intestine.

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Causes of Stomach Ulcer.

Stomach ulcer is caused by reduction of the thick mucus that help protect the walls of the stomach and small intestine from digestive juice.

Now, let's look at how to treat stomach ulcer at home. 


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  1. Ulo in Igbo, I don’t know what it’s called in English but I’m sure you will get it in any market around you.
  2. Pap
  3. Mortar and blender.
Ulo for stomach ulcer

Method of Preparation

  1. Buy N50 ulo from the market
  2. Buy pap N50
  3. Grind the ulo into powder
  4. Mix the pap and make it with boiled water.
  5. Pour the grinded ulo into the pap and mix it together.
  6. Drink it morning and night for three weeks.

The ulcer will be completely healed.

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