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Natural Remedy for Heart Disease in Nigeria

Welcome to another interesting post on the issue of health – Natural Remedy for Health Disease in Nigeria.

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The importance of herbs to us as humans cannot be over emphasized. As humans God has given us herbs for food but today we no longer eat natural or organically produced food. Hence the prevalent cases of heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, stroke and the likes.

That is why I want to give you full details of how to treat heart disease with herbs in Nigeria.

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I have been a health consultant for the past 5 years but I never had any issues with my heart. I never took any of the drugs for heart as I never envisaged having such problem. Not until August 2018. When I suddenly experienced palpitations. My heart started beating very fast at intervals. I went to see a doctor at the hospital and he requested that I do a test (ECG). After the test he said my heart was beating twice. He referred me to a specialist hospital in Festac, Lagos. (Name withheld for security reasons).

The specialist referred me to a popular laboratory also in Festac for various tests including ECG, Echo etcetera.

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According to the specialist, the test showed that my heart was not pumping blood well to my brain. She said my heard was beating twice, instead of the normal heart beat. In her own words, she said, ” your heart is mis – firing due to weakness of your thyroid, it means your brain is not receiving enough blood and this is what causes stroke”.

She gave me some medications and I asked her how long I will take the drugs to correct my thyroid. She said I would take the drugs for life.

I went home and started taking the drugs. But the palpitations didn’t stop.

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Then I thought, I should get one of the drugs for heart regulation from my company (Greenlife multinational) where I bought one drug called danshen plus, I later bought D-regulator (another drug to correct irregular heart beat).
I followed the direction for use and took the drugs accordingly. I noticed that the palpitations continued. It was as if it was more frequent than before.

I kept taking I till I finished taking it. But I noticed that as I continued to take it, the palpitations reduced and I began to notice that I could no longer feel the palpitations. Even when I climbed the stairs, ( I live at the first floor of a two storey building) I no longer felt the way I felt before I started taking the herbal drugs.
I knew that something had happened. I had to go for the check up before seeing my doctor for confirmation.

My doctor told me to go for another test before coming back to see her in a month.

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I did and went back to her with the result.
She entered the result into her PC and noticed the difference in the figures between the previous result and the most recent one I gave her that day. She marvelled, and said “I see a reduction in the value of the range in the first and the second, but I didn’t give you any drug for thyroid” she concluded, “I was going to send you to an endocrinologist, but there is no need for that any more.” “Keep taking the drugs.” She added.

She prescribed more of the orthodox drugs for me. I didn’t tell her that I stopped taking the drugs she gave me previously. Because I know that a good number of doctors don’t allow their patients to take herbal drugs.

I didn’t continue with the drugs she gave me.
As I’m writing this article, my desire for every one suffering from any form of heart disease, whether coronary heart Disease, angina, arrhythmia or any other heart disease is to get completely healed of such situation. So look for natural remedy for heart disease. That is the only way out apart from divine healing from God.

I am fine now because God healed me through those drugs.
What I do now is take the herbal drugs from time to time to nourish my heart. No more palpitations and I thank God I will no longer live on drugs for life.

I know there are people who don’t believe in herbal drugs but I tell you the truth. Herbal drugs are harmless. Especially those that are hygienically produced. I can tell you of a shorty that green life herbal drugs are very effective for any form of ailment. Especially, if you know someone with fibroid, angina, heart palpitations – arrhythmia, stroke, arthritis, diabetics, high blood pressure, tremor,hepatitis,kidney failure, prostate and cancer, encourage them to go for greenlife herbal drugs. They are very effective. Let’s create awareness to help millions of people from dying

Unlike orthodox drugs, herbal drugs have minimal or no side effects at all. Orthodox drugs causes harm to other organs of the body while treating one ailment or the other for a long term.

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Herbs are given to us by God for food and so they are harmless, no matter how long they are consumed.

If you have been asking, to know if you can ever come out of that problem that has defied orthodox drugs. You can be rest assured that you sure can come out with natural medicine. Whether they be supplements or drugs. Herbal remedies are the second option for any one looking for cure from any form of heart disease

It pains my heart that there are many people suffering from diseases that have defied orthodox drugs and are dying ignorantly. Such people are not aware that they could be treated with herbs and be fully recovered from any ailment.

Be rest assured that herbal drugs and supplements are the best way to completely cure heart disease or any other ailment that has defied orthodox drugs.

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