How to start mini importation in NigeriaHello people, in this post I will be giving  detailed information on how to start mini importation in Nigeria. Several decades ago importation business was done by prominent and big business men and women in the society. Today the situation is different as any one can import goods from other parts of the world to Nigeria and make huge profits without leaving the comfort of their homes. Yes, you don’t need to pay for flight ticket, visa and all the formalities to start mini – importation. All you need is a computer, internet connection and master card or Visa card.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a master card anymore. Because there are Nigerians in China who can pay for your goods and ship them to you in Nigeria.

All you need is a Nigerian bank account and you are good to go. You can transfer money to the logistics companies after sourcing for goods and they will pay the seller on your behalf.

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Who is Eligible to Start Mini Importation in Nigeria?

To be a mini importer, you don’t need to be a computer guru or internet marketing guru. All you need to start mini importation is the desire to succeed. Here, I will be giving you detailed, step by step guide on how to start mini importation in Nigeria or any other part of Africa.

What do I need to start Mini – Importation?

To start mini importation below are a few and simple steps you need to take.

First, you need a laptop, especially if you want to buy from or because the website is in Chinese so you need a laptop with chrome browser to be able to translate to English.

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Secondly, you need a reliable internet service to enable images of the foods you want to purchase load fast.

Last and the most important thing you need is the strong will to succeed.

Now let’s delve into the main purpose of this article – How to Start mini importation in Nigeria.

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What is What is Mini Importation?

When we talk about mini importation, we are actually talking about an importation that does not require you to buy very heavy items in a container as most importers do.

Mini importation is easier as you can actually buy different items online, pay online and get your items shipped to you at the comfort of your home or you go to the logistics company to pick your goods. The choice is yours.

Since you will be transacting business with people online, it means you cannot see the suppliers one on one to pay cash to them, so you need someone to pay on your behalf. Below are two logistics companies you can use.

Nigerian Logistics Companies in China

I am using China because their goods at by far cheaper and USA and other countries.

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China has millions of manufacturing companies that produce almost everything. Including goods you don’t know exist.

Here are some Nigerian logistics companies in China with their names.

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  • Base 1 Logistics
  • NBS Skye Logistics

These are the two logistics companies I’ve been using. And both of them are very reliable.

The Merchant Sites to Buy From

So let’s go over to the merchant site to start importing.

Sign up at Aliexpress Alibaba or 1688/Taobao
To import products from China, you have to register on Aliexpress site, Alibaba or Taobao. The three sites are owned by one person. The registration is free, but we shall use aliexpress in this post but you can use any of the three. The difference between them is this: Aliexpress is a retail site, so you can buy one, two or three items. Unlike Alibaba which is made up of manufacturers who sell whole sale price. It’s not always easy to buy few items there, though goods are cheaper there. Now click on
Search and locate the Item you want to buy.

 Items You Can Buy From Aliexpress

Aliexress has thousands of products on their site ranging from
 Mobile phones
 Computers & Networking
 Electronics
 Apparels
 Auto Parts & Electronic
 Wedding Supplies
 Home & Garden
 Shoes & Accessories
 Sports & Entertainment
 Bags, Cases & Luggage
 Jewelry & Watches
 Health & Beauty
 Toys & Hobbies
 And much more…
But in this article, I will be using a wrist watch as an example.
Now, How do you Buy Goods from Aliexpress?
Now go over to and log in with the email address and password you used when you signed up at Aliexpress.

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Here I will use a particular watch brand, and that is Geneva watch. So go to the search area on the site, type in Geneva gold watches, in the search result click on the watch that appeals more to you, read every information about the watch, then verify the seller, at Aliexpress there are thousands of sellers but some of them cannot be trusted, so to be sure that the seller of the item you intend to buy can be trusted, you should read the feedbacks from other buyers.
Now, if the feedback rate is between 95 to 98% then that seller can be trusted, especially if you see a positive feedback of a buyer from Nigeria or any other African country. Another feedback you can trust is from UK or USA. These people are difficult to please, so if you get a good feedback from a buyer from the UK or the USA you should know that such sellers can be trusted with quality.
Another way to verify the seller is to check if the seller is a “gold” supplier or has Aliexpress verification badge.
The next thing to do after verifying that the seller can be trusted, chat with the seller or contact the seller using the contact form on the page.
When contacting the seller some of the questions you should ask are:
 Is this item (the watch) still available for sale?
 Can I have more than one color? (That is if you want to buy more than one).
 Ask him for a discount especially if you want to buy more than one.

If after contacting the buyer you are satisfied with his response, you can go ahead to order your item by clicking on the buy now link to order for your wrist watch.

Remember I told you about the logistics companies. They will make payment for you, receive the products on your behalf and ship it to Nigeria. So you just go to their office to pick your goods. Now if you are not in Lagos. You tell the to send it to you through any of the transport companies while you pay them.

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Alternatively, you can find out from the buyer if you can pay through escrow, escrow is an online payment platform where your money is kept until you confirm receipt of your goods and satisfied with the goods and service. Aliexpress escrow is powered by I strongly advise you use escrow and avoid using all other payment methods on their sites. That is if you want to pay directly to the seller.

But I strongly advise you go with the first option I gave you. Which is using the logistics company to make payment for you.

All you need is pay to the Nigerian bank account of the logistics company you want to use. They will pay the seller and ship it to Nigeria.

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There is also a tracking code that the seller will give to you. Which will enable you track the goods at the logistics company.

Whenever you contact them to ask for your goods to know if they have arrived Nigeria, they will ask you the tracking code. So make sure you get the tracking code from the seller.

Let’s look at all the payment methods on Aliexpress
 Paypal
 AliPay
 Telegraphic transfer (TT)
 Visa
 MasterCard
 Wire Transfer

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 Western Union

Some of the sellers scam people with these other payment methods, so the best thing is to pay with alipay or use a logistics company.

After placing your order and paying for your goods your order will be shipped to you by the logistics company you choose to use.

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Note that you can choose free shipping and get your goods without paying a dime for shipping. But the free shipping is always slow, as it takes about 60 – 90 days to get your goods shipped to you but if you are not in a hurry, to get your goods, you can make do with the free shipping but if in a hurry, you should use the logistics companies I have you. They ship to you within 7 to 10 days.

How to Sell your Imported Goods

Now that you have known how to import your items from Aliexpress in China, you need to start your mini importation business as soon as possible, do not procrastinate. So, I want to assume that you have imported your items using this guide.

Now selling your products is a very important aspect of your business, as that is the only way you can make  profit, since every business is intended to make profit.

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The first place is to start with your friends and family members.
Having said that, I strongly advise that you put back your profit into your business and go back to import more.

You should pay your tithe if you are a Christian and put the rest back into your business, and import more goods as the more goods you buy the more money you make. It is also ideal for you to build your business strong before you start spending your profit.

Another way is to register with Jumia, konga and Jiji to sell your products. You can also create a website for your business to display your goods and advertise.

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This is all you need to start a mini importation business, you can contact me on or on Whatsapp – 08111202966 or call 08185741226.