How to start Tigernut Business in Nigeria.
Tigernuts are roots that grow in the soil just like ginger and tumeric. But unlike ginger and tumeric, tiger nuts are sweet and very tasty like coconut.

Tiger Nut Drink in NigeriaIn this post, I will be showing you how to start tiger nuts business in Nigeria.
Nigeria is a highly populated country, as a result, most local and international businesses in Nigeria succeed. Especially businesses that are related to food and drink.

Just like Kunu, zobo and yogurt. Tigernut drinks also known as kunu aya in Hausa has become very popular because of its nutritional value. It can also be prepared without artificial sweeteners, yet it’s very tasty.

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Before we veer into steps on how to start tiger nuts business in Nigeria, I will like us to take a peep into the nutritional benefits of tiger nuts.

Follow These Steps to Prepare Tiger Nut Drink in Nigeria


  • Two and half derica (half paint)of tiger nut (Fresh/dry)
  • One derica cup of dry dates
  • One small coconut
  • Ginger – N100
  • Water – 2 litres

Please note that if you are using dry tiger nuts, you need to soak them overnight with clean water before grinding it. You can also mix the dry and fresh tiger nuts, But ensure you soak the dry one in water overnight.

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Preparation of Tiger Nut Drink

  • Pour the soaked tiger nut in a filter to drain the water. Add a small quantity of salt and rub then together with the tiger nuts. Wash clean with water.
  • Put the tiger nuts into your blender
  • Wash the dates with salty warm water and add to the tiger nuts in the blender
  • Break your coconut in salty water and rinse with clean water
  • Take 500 mls of water and add to the tiger nuts in the blender
    Blend all together
  • Filter with used for pap to drain out the liquid.
  • After draining the juice, put into bottles, refrigerate and serve chilled.
    If you want to do it as a business, increase the quantity of water in proportion to the quantity of all the other ingredients. For example, the 500 mls is for two and half derica cup of tiger nuts, one derica cup of dates and 1 small coconut so for 1000 mls of water, you need about one paint derica cups of tiger nuts, 1 derica cup of dates and 2 small coconuts or one small coconut.

Please be careful with the quantity of water you add. Remember we are not using any artificial sweeteners.

Packaging Tiger Nuts for Commercial Purposes

For those who want to make tiger nuts for business. Let’s look at how to package it. Packing is a vital marketing tool for your business. As there are many people making tiger nuts but how you package yours would determine how people patronize you.
There are various markets in Nigeria where you can buy packaging materials. You can also brand your tiger nuts and supply to supermarkets and shop nationwide. If you need more help on how to package and brand you tiger nuts or any other goods you produce contact me for full details on that.

This packaging information is for those living in Lagos or nearby states like Ogun and Oyo. Though you can still order your packaging materials from anywhere you are in Nigeria and they would be shipped to you but the challenge is that you will spend more money.That said, if you are in Lagos, you can get all the packaging materials at Ojota market. When you get to Ojota market, ask for whereto buy packaging materials you would be directed to the places you can get them.
Some of them sell labels with their own business names but I strongly advice you to get your branding with your own name. This will help expose your brand.

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