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- September
Posted By : Mildred
How to Create a Blog in Nigeria – Introduction to Blogging

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The phrase, how to create a blog in Nigeria, reminds me of the first time I started blogging. I started my first blog in 2015 with the advise of my number one blogger and coach in Nigeria. Now a medical doctor Dr. Abass Toriola. The owner of Web Income Plus.

He saw my article on hubpages.com and advised that I create my own blog. That was how I started my first blog. He is one blogger I respect in Nigeria. As he helped several of us back then to set up our blogs through blogging tips he publish on his site.

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Also enrolling in his “Affiliate Cash Academy”, helped me learn the basics of making money online. I’m still grateful to God for the experiences gained from his teachings. He may not be the best blogger though. But I respect him for his openness and sincerity

Now, before I go ahead to talk on how to create a blog in Nigeria. Let’s first find out what a blog is.

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What is a Blog?

blog, as the name implies is short for weblog. It simply means, an informational or discussion site published on the web. Which consists of distinct entries commonly called posts.  Posts on blogs are always displayed in reverse – with the latest posts appearing at the top.

Creating a blog and making money from it, is one of the best and most reliable ways to make money on the internet. Many people make money from their blogs without living the comfort of their bedrooms. That is to say, they get all their income from the internet, they make it a full time or regular business.

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Now, if you ask me, I’ll tell you. No one would rely solely on the web for his only source of income as a blogger if he is not making enough money.

I agree that there are people struggling to make money online. At the same time, there are those making a killing online.

Why you Need a Blog

To make money online, you need a blog. A self -hosted blog. This would make you stand out. With a self hosted blog you would become someone that is sought after. Because people would come to trust you and want to do business with you.

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However, there are also people who want to make money online but don’t want to spend money.  I was one of those that looked for free ways of making money on the internet.

Because I didn’t want to be duped but the truth is, to make consistent income on the internet you must spend money. Because the free money making opportunities that exist on the web are frustrating, since you don’t pay for anything. 

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For instance, if you are a blogger and you publish your articles on a free platform, there are dos and don’ts you must follow, which means  if you fail to abide by those rules you would be penalized. 

Problems Associated with Free Blogging Sites

The owners of the free website you are using can also flood your site with adverts. Which when clicked would give you a few bucks that cannot be compared to having your own self hosted blog.

Where you publish your articles, sell your own products and get all the money that comes from your blog. You don’t need to give account to anyone, neither would you wait for anyone to tell you how to run your site.

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Also, everyone that has been online knows that Nigerians, and people from some countries are not accepted by PayPal. Which is one of the most popular and easily accepted payment method on the internet. 

Most websites on the internet use PayPal to pay their clients. I’m also aware of instances where people do their business but when they needed to withdraw their money, they were denied access to their hard earned money. Because they found out that they are from Nigeria or other countries that are not accepted by PayPal.

But the situation is different when you have your own site as a blogger, I mean your own self – hosted blog.

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You have full control of your business, because you publish your articles, sell your own products, place adverts on your site, sell affiliate products and make consistent income.

The First Step to Creating a Blog

To create a blog, you need a domain name and a web host. Though, you can create a free blog and still make money from it, creating a professional self hosted blog is better.

However, before we proceed, I will like to explain what a self hosted blog, a domain name and a web host is.

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What is a Self – Hosted blog, a Domain Name and a Web Host?

A domain name is the name of your website. It is the address or your business name with which people identify and find you on the internet.

For instance, if your business name is “Goodys Joint” and you have a website or you want to create a website for your business, what you need do is use goodysjoint as your name on the internet.

So when you go to a web host to host your blog or website. You are required to choose a name for your business and that name would be www.goodysjoint.com, or www.goodysjoint.org or www.goodysjoint.net.

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A self-hosted blog is one that resides on your own server. You can pay a third-party to host your blog, though. Which gives you access to all the benefits of a self-hosted blog.

A web host refers to your landlord on the internet. You pay for a space on the internet through a web host. He in turn gives you a space to house your domain. Literarily, a domain represents your business, goods and services. While a web host represents your shop or office where you show – case your goods and services.

How to Get a Domain Name and a Web Host

There are hundreds of domain name providers and web hosting services on the internet. But I will narrow my explanation to just one of them. Because, it is one of the companies I use and their service is good. I like to use greengeek.com.
Click on the link below to sign up and follow the instructions greengeeks.com. But if you get stuck, you can contact me through the comment form.

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Please note that you need to pay for hosting service though. Most web hosts give free domain and Greengeeks is one of such hosts. With my experience with Greengeeks, you can be rest assured that it’s a good web hosting company. It is hosting another of my site. And I don’t have any problem with them.

Finally, I want to clearly state here that though there are several ways to make money on the internet.

Having your own blog, sharing your ideas and selling your own products, is the most reliable way to build an online income. Because you will be in full control of your business.

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As I said from the beginning of this post, this is the introductory part of blog creation. To create a blog you need to install WordPress and customize it. I have written a comprehensive, step by step guide on how to create a WordPress blog in another article.

So to install your WordPress blog and customize it. Click on how to create a WordPress blog. I’ve given full details on how to install WordPress and customize your blog. Install themes, plugins, menu, widget and add content and image.

Thanks for taking time to read through.

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