Text: Luke 24: 30 & 31.

I have read the story of the Emmaus disciples, for quite a number of times. I guess most us us have done same at different times, as we read the word at home and in our church gatherings. Especially, during Easter celebrations.

But there is something striking about this story that keeps me longing for more of him. More time in His presence, eating at His table, every single day.

The two disciples travelling to the village of Emmaus could not recognise the master till they sat at meat with Him. They only recognised when he broke bread and gave to them to eat. Verse 31 says..” And their eyes were opened and they knew Him..”

Do you really know Him?

No matter how much we think we have known Him.

No matter how much we can quote the scriptures.

No matter how much we can cram and recite bible verses.

We need to know Him by daily eating with Him at His table.

When we do that daily, we will not only have a revelation knowledge of Him but we will see His life manifested in us. Remember, He lives in you. And His life in you is not to be suppressed but expressed.

To know Him and have His life manifested daily in you, you must spend time at His table.

It pains the Lord that we don’t like spending time at His table.
We are always in a hurry to go out for our work and business without first seeking his face through personal study of His word and prayer. But that is where all our problems lie. We are indomie Christians who want everything about our spiritual life done in 2 minutes. While we spend most of our time doing soulish things. While we starve our spirit man the nourishment it needs to grow to the image of Christ.

This is why we are where we are today. We have become prayer collectors, rather than solution providers.

Paul the apostle, with all the revelation he had about Christ said “….that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection…” Philippians 3:10.

The Lord is asking us today
“Do you really know me”
Do you really want to know me?

If your answer to these questions is yes.

I encourage you to eat at His table daily. That is the surest way to know Him, and see His life manifested in you.

We have 24 hours in a day, but in the gathering of 100 Christians, if you ask “how many people had a personal bible study today?”

You will be surprised at the response. Not even 10 people spent time, studying the word on their own.

Most of us spend the 24 hours we have daily for ourselves, without giving at least one hour or 30 minutes to our creator.

Yet we want His blessings.

We don’t want His face, we want his hand.

” We always pray “Lord, bless me”.

We need to change our prayer to ” Lord, I want to know you, show me your glory”

If we can seek His face, we will not only see His face but we will also see His hand in our lives and family.

Lord, I want to see your glory. I want to know you.