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Mushroom Cultivation – A Tool for Wealth

Mushroom Cultivation – A Tool for Wealth Creation and Employment Generation.

Mushroom cultivation is a tool for wealth creation and employment generation for youths, women, pensioners and entrepreneurs. In this part of the world (Africa) Nigeria to be precise, where oil is the mainstay of the economy. We have completely abandoned agriculture that had sustained the economy long before oil was discovered in the southern part […]

Internet Business Opportunities in Niger...

Internet Business Opportunities in Nigeria

Internet business opportunities in Nigeria are numerous, In this article, I will give you some of the businesses you can do from the comfort of your home in Nigeria.  Internet business has evolved over the years and will continue to grow until the end of the age. Today we see new businesses and various ways […]

Food and Snacks

Food and Snacks

Food business is a serious business; it is one thing no one can do without, that is why any food seller anywhere to around the world if he or she knows her onions will make it big. Every one of us need food to survive, that is why food will always sell and if the food […]

How to Make Germicide (Izal) in Nigeria

How to make germicide - Izal in Nigeria

This article is a step by step guide on how to make germicide (Izal)  in Nigeria. Germicide as the name implies is used to kill germs on floor tiles, toilets, kitchen floors, bathrooms, water and other surfaces. Also read how to make liquid soap in Nigeria Sponsored Links Producing germicide at home can be very eas […]

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