My name is Mildred. I'm a Christian and a lover of God. I'm resilient and have complete trust in God. This blog was created to help others learn various skills that would help them not just to earn a living but become entrepreneurs that would become global Giants in business. Welcome to MildBizPreneur!

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I will show you the basics of mushroom farming in this step by step guide on mushroom farming in Nige

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How to Create a WordPress Blog / A WordPress Self – hosted Blog.In this article, I will give yo

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Christianity – A Yoke of Freedom not Bondage

Christianity – A Yoke of Freedom Not BondageAs a child, I grow up in a christian home baptised


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Special Offer – How to Start Mini Importation with as Low as N20,000 and Make Huge Profit.

You are here! This is your one-stop, all in one, all-inclusive mini importation guide that will move

Multi- Level Marketing

Welcome to another interesting topic on small business ideas ” Multi – Level Marketing&#8

How to Start Quail Bird Farming in Nigeria.

There are businesses you can do without NAFDAC registration number, most of which are agro- based. We

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This post is a short step by step guide on how to make insecticide in Nigeria. Insecticide is a subst