Mildred Opara is a Christian and a lover of God. I’m a blogger and a DIY coach.  I’m resilient and always searching for ways to reach out to others with my knowledge by leveraging the power of the internet to create wealth and empower others.

I’m the creative director at EMILDOP Grace Concepts.  I believe in creativity using the power of innovation which opens opportunities for empowerment.  

Being a work-from-home mum, an online entrepreneur, and a marketer it’s a pleasure sharing my knowledge with people needing information in business ideas and “how-to” guides both online and offline.

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As a blogger, I train people how to make money online by creating blogs, teaching them how to take advantage of the world wide web to build unending streams of income.

If you are looking for ideas to make money online feel free to browse through this blog and ask questions where necessary. 

Once again, I welcome you to MildBizPreneur.com.

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