How to Customize Your T – Shirts

How to customise your tshirt

How to customise your tshirtYou are welcome to this post on “how to customize your t- shirts”. know,  this blog is a business blog. Especially small business ideas and how to start guide.

It is often said that no knowledge is a waste. It is better to learn a skill that you do not need than to need it someday and not have it.

This is a business opportunity that can keep bringing money to you for life. As millions of people need these services. You can’t tell how many people will need your service in this particular business until you start.

Follow me as I show you why you need this business or why I think this business can fetch you real money.

Why You Need This Skill

As I said earlier, it is important you learn a skill even when you know you don’t need it because you may find yourself in a situation where you need it urgently and you don’t have any option around. Your knowledge on this will help you scale through that situation without difficulty.

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I guess you know that millions of people print on their clothes today. Yes, some print on clothes they wear regularly at home or.when going out. Others print their names and the names of their  children on jerseys or polos as the case may be.. Some others print on polo and t-shirts they use for burials, birthdays, weddings, religious programs and several other occasions. There is a huge market for this business because though people like to print on their regular clothes but not all do it because they haven’t seen the need.

The truth is when they see the opportunity, they will request for your services as a printer to print on their clothes even if you are not a professional on this.

It is only when you tell them, they will know how you do it. So tell me, do you have to tell them? When you are thinking like a business man or woman. I guess your answer is a capital NO. 

This now brings us to the question, “how do I market my business of customized t-shirts👕?

Let’s delve into the nitty gritty of this post, because every business is geared towards making sales and in turn profit.

How to Market Your Business of Customized T-shirt 👕

This topic on how to customize your tshirt will not be complete without the strategies you need to market and make profit. Customizing or printing on polo is one business that is easy to market. Why did I say that? Under normal circumstances, people will not get up and decide to go to market to buy polo and print on it. But if you suggest it to them they would do it without hesitation.

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Let’s say for instance, you buy two plain T-shirts and printed your picture  on it. People within  your vicinity, friends and family members would ask. ” Who did this for you.?” Even if nobody asks you, you should be able to tell them that you can print their face on their t-shirt just like the one you are wearing. (Though I know people close to you would ask you).

Now don’t tell me you don’t know what to respond. That is it. You tell them you did it. What do you think would be their response? Your guess is as good as mine.

They will ask you to do it for them. And viola! You have gotten a project at hand. Depending on how many people request for this. You will make a reasonable amount of money.

Though it may not be much but it is a good start. By the time the friends of those your neighbors and family members see them wear the customized t-shirts you made for them, they would order for theirs too.

This would bring in more customers and more money in your pocket. Which would automatically make you a professional printer. If you know what you are doing, you can build a fortune doing this business as a printer.

You don’t even need a big printing machine to do that. Whenever you have a lot of work in your hands you just take it to the printer that prints and the sublimation paper for you to do all the bulk printing for you and you are in business for real.

In future you will be able to print fliers, jotters, wedding cards, and other souvenirs. Especially if you do your job well. I know what I’m saying, I do printing work too and I tell you there is money in it just start small and gradually grow your business.

You see, before you know it, you will start having more contracts for occasions and religious programs.

Now that we have discussed the marketing tips, let’s see how to  customize your t-shirts.

How to Customize Your T-Shirts.

To customize your t-shirts, below are the materials needed.

Materials Needed to Customize your T-shirts

  • White T-shirts or any plain t-shirt
  • Pressing iron
  • Soft copy of your picture ( on your phone or laptop or in your flash drive.
  • Sublimation paper get it at any printing shop around you.
  • Paper tape


  • Take your picture to a printer to print on a sublimation paper.
  • Place your t-shirts on a table and place a brown paper or cardboard inside the plain
  • Place a cardboard paper inside the t-shirt so it won’t stain the back side.
  • Place your printed sublimation paper on the front part of the t-shirt, tape the edges and place another paper on the sublimation paper(also tape it) and start ironing it.

Iron evenly, till you are able to cover all the parts of the image.

You can also lift the paper up to check that you are doing it correctly. And that all parts of the image is showing on your t-shirt.

Continue it till you are sure that all parts of picture is well touched by the hit iron.

  • Put the pressing iron aside and remove both the paper you placed on the sublimation paper and the sublimation paper. And you are done with the customization of your t-shirt.

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There you have it. Your customized t-shirt 👕 is ready.

Wear it and see what happens, let me know on the comment section if you are able to do it or not.

However I trust you should be able to do it well as the steps are easy to follow.

Thank you for stopping by and reading through.

What is you take on this, your comment and questions will be appreciated.

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