Business Ideas for 2021 in Nigeria

Business Ideas for 2021 in Nigeria

The year 2020 has been full of challenges but in the midst of all that, there are businesses that have been successful. Nigeria is a highly populated country with tremendous human and natural resources. This is one reason Nigerians have always been successful within and outside the shores of this country.

When we talk about business opportunities, there are business easily come to mind, such businesses are common but very lucrative. There are also businesses that are not common but have potentials to succeed with the right tools.

In this post I will be highlighting some of the businesses that needs little capital to start both online and offline. That you can venture into in the year 2021.

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Below is a list of some of these businesses.

Business Ideas For 2021 in Nigeria

  1. Universal Recharge Card Printing
  2. Liquid Soap Production
  3. Making of African Black Soap
  4. Production and Distribution of Yogurt
  5. Virtual Top Up and Bulk SMS
  6. Production and supply of Corn Flakes
  7. Laundry and Dry cleaning Business
  8. Production of Short Bread
  9. Pink Lip Balm / Hot Balm Production
  10. Packaging and Supply of Food Stuffs
  11. Mushroom Farming
  12. Making and Supply of Bleach
  13. Blogging
  14. Website Design/Blog Creation
  15. Interstate Business
  16. Dettol Production
  17. Quail Farming
  18. Mini Importation
  19. Crypto Currency Trading and Investment
  20. Izal Production
  21. Tomato Farming
  22. Affiliate Marketing
  23. Dropshiping
  24. Information Marketing
  25. Transportation
  26. Poultry Farming

These are just a few of the numerous business opportunities available in 2021 in Nigeria.

Let’s take a look at them one after the other.

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1. Universal Recharge card Printing.

Telecoms business is one that has generated a huge income over the years. With the revolution of technology, we know that telecommunication has come to stay.

New opportunities are made available for entrepreneurs in the telecoms industry with innovations.

I remember about two decades ago when GSM was first introduced in Nigeria, people started the phone call business where people paid to communicate with and reach their loved ones.

This trend gradually phased off as more people could afford phones and sim cards. Thanks to Globacom Nigeria, who made other telecoms service providers like MTN and the then Econet who were before them to bring the calls to pay by the seconds.

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Today we have four major networks in Nigeria with a strong competition. Even giving out free sim cards and free sim registration.

What is This Universal Recharge Pin?

With a universal recharge pin, you don’t need to specify which network you want to buy. Because one pin can be used to recharge any if the four major networks in Nigeria.

If you have any plan to go into retail or wholesale of recharge card printing. You have an option to go for the universal pin as this will help you reduce to cost of printing different networks. All you need so is buy each denomination without hooding how many you need for each network.

For an example, if you plan to split your purchase into four places –  MTN – 20 pieces, Glo – 10, 9mobile – 10, Airtel – 10. When you need 50 pieces of N100 recharge pin for all the four major networks.

You just buy 50 pieces of the new universal recharge card for all networks. Same goes for all the other denominations.

For more info on how to start printing universal recharge pins contact me.

Liquid Soap Production

One very important house hold items is liquid soap. It is a common product in every home use for washing of clothes, surfaces, bathrooms and dishes.

Since liquid soap is an important commodity that helps individual homes and organisations maintain good hygiene. Producing, distributing and or supplying liquid soap has a huge income potential.

Here is a detailed article on how to produce and supply liquid soap

Making and Distribution of African Black Soap

As the name implies, African black soap originates from west Africa. It is very common in Ghana.

Just like the Dudu Osun in Nigeria, there are different types of African black soap for various skin types.

The African black soap can also be used for a bath foam. As you may already know, all ingredients in the black soap are organic. It is therefore useful for maintaining natural beauty of the African heritage.

If you are looking to start a business in Nigeria, I think you should consider producing and distrbuting African black soap.

Click here to read step by step guide on how to make African black soap from scratch.

Production and Sales of Yogurt 

Yogurt is a food drink made.by fermentation of milk. It is one drink that sells like water. Especially during heat period or the dry season as we call it in Nigeria.

One thing that makes the business of yogurt succeed is the packaging. Many people produce yogurt but because of lack of good branding and packaging. They are not able to reach a large population of buyers.

If you are interested in producing and supplying yogurt, it’s important to package and brand your business to reach a large population.

For more information on how to produce and package yogurt, click on

How to Make Yoghurt in Nigeria.


The next business idea on our list is Virtual Top Up and Bulk SMS

Telecommunication is one business keep growing as the days go by. With the digital and technological revolution, almost every one in the world owns a GSM phone.

As it is, no body can do without a phone, even if it is a Nokia touch or Tecno kpalasa. It will still do the work of making and receiving calls. It can also send and receive text messages.

I presume you know that text messages gets higher open rate than emails. Therefore starting a bulk SMS business is one that will keep putting money in your pocket.

Just like the virtual top up business which even the banks are using to rake in millions daily. Bulk SMS business is very lucrative. Combining both (virtual top up and bulk SMS will keep bringing avalanches of naira into bank account on daily basis.

If you think this meets the kind of business you are looking to venture into. Click here to see details on how to start.

Making and Supply of CornFlakes

This is one snack that is very common in Nigeria. It is mostly consumed by children and adults.

If you are someone who likes making food, you can start producing this snack and supply to wholesalers in major markets within your local government.

Rather than packaging them in small packs you can get large polyethene bags and pack them with your brand name.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make CornFlakes. 

Laundry and Dry-cleaning

Everyone one wears clothes, as such there is the need for washing of clothes. Many who work, because of their tight schedule do not always have time to do their laundry.

Laundry is another lucrative business if you know how to go about it.

Read full details on how to start a laundry business in Nigeria.

Production of Short Bread

Do you know you can make huge profit from short bread? Yes, short bread is not difficult to make. The raw materials are readily available.

You can start if you have an electric or gas or local oven – charcoal oven.

Interested in starting short bread business?

See full details here

Pink Lip /Hot Balm Production

Balms are used to either relieve pain, cold and flu. It is a visible product in almost every home.

For those who also want pink lips, pink lip balm is also trending everywhere. So making any of these balms is another way to make good money in the coming year.

You can see details on how to make balm here

Packaging and Supply of Food Stuffs

In Nigeria today, people work from 8:00 am in the morning till 5:00 pm. Such people leave home as early as 5:00 or 6:00 am to enable them meet up with their resumption time at their work place.

As a result, such people don’t have time to shop for food stuffs. Though they need the services of suppliers of food stuffs they just manage to do their own thing.

However, if they have someone to supply these food stuffs in their offices. They will gladly accept such offers, as this will relieve them of the stress of going to the market to shop for food stuffs.

See full guide on how to start this business.

Mushroom Farming

One may wonder how mushroom can be cultivated. I also wondered when I first heard about mushroom farming. But when I got trained in mushroom farming, I came to understand that it is one agricultural ventures that is very versatile.

Mushroom unknown to many is very lucrative. Especially, with the multinational business owners in Nigeria.

Most Nigerians may not be interested in mushroom but because of migrants from mostly Asia and Europe in Nigeria. Mushroom has become a commodity that is highly sought after.

Because of the little knowledge I have in mushroom farming. I have written three articles on mushroom that might interest you.

You can click on this link to see step by step guide on how to start mushroom farming.

Production and Supply of Bleach

This is another household item that everyone need daily. As a cleaning agent, bleach is used for washing toilet, and clothes. Because of its antibacterial, fungal and virus destroying power it is used for sterilizing equipment in hospitals and salons.

Your ability to market your products effectively will determine how much you make in your business.

Read this article on how to produce and supply bleach in Nigeria.


I term blogging the mother of online business. The reason is this: whatever business you do online. Of you don’t have a blog, Most of your customers may not take you seriously.

For people to trust and do business with you you need a blog.

With a blog, you will become an authority in your chosen niche.

If you have a plan to start and grow a blog, you can read this post on how to create a blog.

Website Design and Blog Creation

As a result of the revolution in technology, it is no longer news that businesses are now going digital. To become relevant in your area of expertise, it is important to have e an online presence with your business.

If you have knowledge of website design and blogging, you can render such services to people who need them.

A website and blog a blog are similar but different. While a website has a static page with pages. A blog is mainly made up of posts, with the latest ones at the top.

To effective market your business and get prospective clients. You need a business card with an office address.

Check out this post on how to create a website/blog.

Interstate Business

Nigeria is a highly populated country with 36 states and the federal capital territory (FCT). Because each state has its own area of specialty in area of occupation. People can easily succeed in interstate business.

Someone in the east can go to the north to source for goods that are abundant in the north. For instance, snails are common in the north but most communities don’t eat snails.

Starting a business where you buy products that are abundant in a particular state and transporting them to another state can be very lucrative.

Do you have interest is such business?

Find detailed info on how to start interstate business.

Dettol Production

Dettol or disinfectant, is a common household item that sells like soap and bleach.

You can start producing Dettol and package it for distribution anywhere in Nigeria.

Here is a detailed information on how produce and package Dettol in Nigeria.

Quail Farming

According to research, the eggs of quail has tremendous health benefits than any other bird. Hence the need for reading of quail.

If you are looking to start a business of reading birds, you can also consider rearing quail.

See detailed info on quail and it’s health benefits here.

Mini Importation

It is no longer news that people now stay at home to order for goods from China and other parts of the world and get the goods shipped to them without leaving the comfort of their homes.

There are several online markets where manufacturers display their goods and services.

You can buy from them at a very cheap price, ship them to Nigeria and sell at a profit margin of 200 to 300%.

We also have online and offline training for those who need advance training on mini importation.

For more information on how to start mini importation, click here.

Crypto Currency Tnvestment and Trading

Crypto currency is a digital currency that can be spent by peer to peer transaction. It is a decentralised currency, which means it is not controlled by any governmental body. You are your own bank. You can save the money in your wallet and spend it when ever you like. It is very safe and secure.

Digital coin as it is sometimes referred to is another way to create abundant wealth.

Izal (Germicide) Production

Just like Dettol, izal is a disinfectant/germicide but it is highly concentrated.

It is mostly used for disifecting toilets and bathrooms.

You can learn how to produce izal by reading this article on how to produce izal.You can learn how to produce izal by reading this article on how to produce izal.

Tomato Farming

This is a common vegetable that is consumed by Nigeria s daily. Reach in vitamins and minerals, tomato like all other food stuffs is a must have at home. Either for stew, salad, barbecue, and other recipes.

If you are looking for an agricultural venture, tomato is one good commodity you can cultivate and make profit yearly.

I have written a post on how to cultivate tomato in Nigeria. Click here to read.

Affiliate Marketing

Is the act of selling one one else’s goods or services and getting paid in return.

The world wide web has made it possible for people to earn from the comfort of their home by promoting and selling other people’s products without physically meeting the owner of the goods/services or the people you sell to.

Many earn their living solely on affiliate marketing.

Here is one affiliate marketing that can pay you 50% of sales you make.


This is another business that is raising millionaires. It involves buying and selling without using your own capital.

You can search for goods, get the pictures and videos of the goods. Let the original seller know that you want to drop ship.

When you have the images and the videos of the product you want to sell. Add your price and advertise them. Make sure you add your contact. When they contact you and you agree on the price, the buyer will pay into your account.

After receiving the payment, pay for the goods and take your profit. All you need do is pay the original seller the initial price and give them the address to ship to the buyer.

Let’s take for instance you saw a shoe in an online store that is N2000 and you want to dropship. Download the image of the shoe. Add your price and advertise it to friends and on social media.

Now if When you want to sell it for N4000 plus shipping. When someone indicates interest, what you need do is tell the person to pay into your account.

After receiving the money, you remove your profit to shipping fee which is N2500. Pay the original seller, N1500.

This means you would have made N2500 plus the shipping fee.

That is how dropshipping works.

Information Marketing

When you have knowledge of something, put it down in writing as an ebook or video tutorial and sell it to those who need the information is known as information marketing.

If you know how to make buns, liquid soap fish farming, or more. Put it on writing and advertise it. You will get people to buy from you.


The last on the list is transportation business. This is a very lucrative business.

If you have the money, you can start transportation business from one state to another.

If your service is good. You will get more customers which will keep coming back to you.

Poultry Farming: The last but not the least on our list is poultry Farming. This business is as old as man as poultry Farming has to do with domestic birds.

With the advancement in technology in the world today. Poultry Farming especially with chicken has evolved with the use of high tech equipments.

However, poultry is still one of the cheapest agricultural venture as chickens can be reared at the backyard without high tech equipments.

Here is a simple guide on how to start poultry farm in Nigeria.How to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria






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