How to Make Dettol in Nigeria

How to Make Antiseptic (Dettol) in Nigeria

Germicide is a substance or agent (such as an anticeptic or disinfectant) used to destroy germs or microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi that causes infection and illnes. This is what we shall be talking about in this article – how to make germicide in Nigeria.

Profitability of Dettol Production in Nigeria

I guess this is one question that is in the heart of many people who would like to go into the business of producing Dettol or disinfectant in Nigeria.

Well, let’s see how this works out. To produce five litters of Dettol, you need about N15,000 with the containers needed for packaging.

Now, because producing Dettol is more expensive than liquid soap and bleach. You should know that the profit margin will also be higher especially, if your Dettol is very good.

Here in Nigeria, what people look at when accessing the quality of the Dettol is its ability to give a cloudy whitish colour in water. So if you fail to meet that standard, you may not be able to make huge profit as your customers will optin for other options available to them.

That said, I want you to know that I produce Dettol and I can assure you that of you follow my step by step guide on how to produce Dettol in Nigeria, you will make huge profit from your Dettol business.

Why Dettol Production in Nigeria?

An important household items is a germicide as it protects from germs and illness. So producing germicide at home will help protect the family from germs. Now even if you want to start producing for commercial purpose, you will sure make huge profit. Knowing fully the situation in Nigeria – no good drinking and bathing water in major towns, villages and cities in Nigeria.

Another reason for Dettol Production business is the fact that many use Dettol for cleaning wounds and bathing new.born babies. When you have a good product without good packaging, I bet you will not make sales.

When you look at the bottle of Dettol, you will see how well it is packaged. So to penetrate the market, you need to also package yours with your brand name: not Dettol please. I’m only using Dettol as an example because it is a popular brand. And it will drive home what we are discussing in this post, (more on branding and packaging below).

Ingredients for Making Germicide (Dettol) in Nigeria

Now for a germicide to effectively do the work of killing microorganisms, it must contain some active ingredients that must be present.
Therefore I will like to talk about some of the active ingredients needed for a germicide to be effective.
Some of the active ingredients are as following:
1. Pine oil
2. Phenol
3. Texapon
4. Chloroxylenol
5. Water
6. IPA (Isopropyl alcohol)
7. Dettol colour

*Phenol is an antimicrobial agent which serves a disinfectant, it kills off bacteria on inanimate objects through the inactivation of their enzyme systems. It can also disrupt the cell wall of a microbe.

*Pineoil is an essential oil, derived from the pine tree. It has a nice aroma and serves as a healing oil for common cold. Because of its nice aroma, it is also used for air freshener.
It also helps relieve inflammation on the skin. It is also effective in the treatment of arthritis.

When diluted in water, pine oil emulsifies, or forms a cloudy liquid. This cloudiness also occurs when Dettol is diluted – Pineoil gives Dettol that cloudy colour in water.

Because of its distinct aroma pineoil gives Dettol its scent. Pine oil is also used in a variety of bath oils and bath soaps and as an essential oil in aromatherapy.

*Texapon has excellent detergency, emulsification and formability properties. It is easy to dissolve in water. It is an anionic Surfactant; it is usually a mixture of Sodium Alkyl Sulfates. It which reduces the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved – thereby helping oils dissolve in water.

*Chloroxylenol, also known as para-chloro-meta-xylenol (PCMX), is an antiseptic used for skin disinfection. It is also uses together with alcohol for cleaning surgical instruments. Just like phenol, it disrupts microbial cell walls. It is also used within a number of household disinfectants and wound cleaners. It is thought to act by disrupting microbial cell walls.

*Water: A universal solvent that is used to dissolve and mix all the chemicals for making Dettol

*Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA): Another chemical compound with powerful anticeptic and disinfectant function that has a strong smell and has the ability to kill bacteria fungi and virus especially in treating wounds.

*Dettol Colour
This is needed to give the disinfectant it’s colour.

To produce 5ltrs of Dettol you will need:
1. ½ liter of pine oil
2. 1/8 of phenol
3. ¼ kg of texapon
4. ¼ liters of chlorozanol
5. 2 liters of water
6. 2 liters of IPA
7. Dettol colour as desired.

How to Make Dettol in Nigeria

1. Put pine oil in to a container (preferably plastic bucket)

2. Add phenol and mix

3. Add texapon and mix all very well

4. Then add chlorozanol and mix very well

5. Add water and stir very well

6. Add IPA and stir very well

7. Add Dettol colour 1 cap stir very well and allow for 1 hour before use (Note that the colour is in po see form so you will need to mix some of the colour in water and put a bottle. You only take a capful for 5 litres and increase it if need be).
To test for dettol, put some water in a bucket, then put one or two drops of
already prepared dettol and you will see that the water will become
whitish and cloudy.

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How to Package Dettol for Commercial Purpose.

As I said earlier, packaging is very important. Except you are making your Germicide for your family’s use. But if you want to produce as a business, you need to get packaging materials. The way you package your business will determine how far your business would go.
Packaging materials are available all over Nigeria. Depending on your location, make enquiry and get them for yourself. In Lagos, you can get them at OJota market.
In Port Harcourt, you can get them 44 Akokwa street Diobu. You can contact me other states for the list of sellers both for the chemicals and the packaging materials.

You also need to brand your product in a way that will keep customers coming back again and again. What you need for this is a good graphics designer or a graphics designer app. With such you can design your logo and stickers for your product brand. Then send it to a printer to do the printing with sticker for your packaging materials.

If you are able to do this. I tell you you will be able to penetrate the market.

On a final note, you can start selling to friends, family and neighbours. By the time they use your product and like it. They will tell their friends too. This will increase your customer base and you will find out that as time goes on, the more your customers grow, the more money you make. And as your profit increase, you can plan for a better apartment. Now you know that you will need Nafdac to approve your product if you want to expand your business.

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To be able to reach a larger population of Nigerians, getting Nafdac’s approval is a must. As most stores and super markets will not buy any product without Nafdac number.
Off course to get Nafdac approval, you also need a business name. As I said earlier, your brand name is also important. But if you already have a registered business name you just need to get a good apartment of at least 4 rooms before applying for Nafdac approval.

So do well to plan for your business if you truly want to succeed.
The bottom line is you can build a world class business with determination and focus. Every successful man started some where. You too can start small and grow big.

Do you have the strong will to succeed despite all odds? Then welcome to the world of possibility with creativity.
To your Success.

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  1. Thank u Mildred. I want to know, if I design a business logo with my desired name for my Dettol business without registration it will Nafdac or any Agency come after me? Am currently using other company’s label on my product instead of leaving it naked. But I think am doing plagrainism. I don’t have money to register my business now. Am just a student that is starting a new business!
    Please I need your advice!

    1. Hello Oluebube. I will like to know where you sell your products. if you supply to companies you will need a Nafdac registration, But if you sell locally. you may not need to worry about registering. You can brand it with your business name and register later. I hope this helps.

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