How to Make Bleach in Nigeria

How to Make Bleach in Nigeria

Bleach, is a common chemical household product that consists of a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) and other secondary ingredients.

It’s a chlorine  bleaching agent generally used to whiten clothes and remove stains, as a disinfectant to kill germs, and for several other uses.

Before we go on to talk about the various steps on how to make bleach, let us look at the history of bleach.

History of Bleach

In 1789, French scientist Berthollete first combined chlorine gas (CL2) with a solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH) to form Potassium hypochlorite (KClO). That was when he discovered it’s cloth bleaching properties. So he set out to commercialize it.
Also in 1820, according to wikipedia:

“Antoine Labarraque substituted the much cheaper precursor sodium hydroxide (soda lye, NaOH) for potash, thus producing Eau de Labarraque, basically the same “liquid bleach” (NaClO) still in use today”.

“This was when he discovered its disinfectant properties, and was instrumental in spreading it worldwide for that purpose.
This greatly improved medical practice, public health, the sanitary conditions in hospitals, slaughter houses, and several industries dealing with animal products.”

Importance of Bleach Today

If you follow health and medical practitioners, you would have discovered,  they often talk about the use of bleach to sterilise sharp objects like knives, scissors, razors or clippers used in salons.

That is because bleach has very powerful disinfectant properties that kills germs, viruses and harmful bacteria – especially in the prevention of HIV.

Bleach is one of the easiest household items you can prepare at home. It is also the cheapest of other items we have been publishing on this blog.

Several years ago the producers of hypo broke even by packaging them in small satchets that is very affordable. Hypo was selling for as low as N20 when it first hit the Nigerian market.

As I said earlier it is very cheap. Yes with just N700 you can produce 12.5 liters of bleach and make over 200 to 300% profit.

It is therefore advisable to start making bleach if you don’t have huge capital to start liquid soap, disinfectant or germicide.
That said let’s look at the steps on how you can actually make a living from making and selling bleach in Nigeria.

How to Make Bleach in Nigeria


(1) Chlorine (H.T.H)

(2) Soda Ash

(3) Caustic Soda (optional)


1kg of soda ash and 1kg of chlorine (HTH) is one set of bleach that should be used with 25 litres of water.


  • Measure 25 litres of water
  • Add chlorine (HTH) into your water (25 liters) stir very well and allow to sit for 30 minutes.
  • Then add soda ash after 30 minutes and stir very well till all the particles are completely dissolved.

You can add caustic soda if you so desire. As I said earlier, it’s optional and your bleach can work well without it. Though it makes it more effective in cleaning. But be careful not to put too much. Just a teaspoon is okay. As excess caustic soda can weaken and tear clothes.

I always make my bleach without caustic soda and it cleans clothes perfectly.

If you like to add caustic soda add in a little and stir very well and allow to sit for the residue to settle.

Your bleach is ready. Now you have to filter it before bottling it for use or sale.

After filtering, bottle the colorless part while you keep the white residue for your own use or you use it to produce toilet cleaner, though you will need more items to add to it.

See my article on how to make toilet cleaner.

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How to Package Bleach for Commercial PUrpose

Packaging is very important in any business. If you make bleach that is very good but not well packaged. I bet you cannot make much progress with your business.

Therefore, you need to package your products by looking for where packaging materials are sold within your state of residence.

There are packaging materials everywhere in Nigeria. If you are in Lagos, you can get them at OJota chemical market.
If you are not in Lagos, contact me for the list of distributors in other states.

Branding your Product

Branding is another important way to succeed in any business you do. Get a name for your business brand and look for a graphics designer to design your logo for you or you get an app to do it yourself.

One reason you need a brand name is this. If you get bottles from suppliers of these packaging materials. After filling the bottles with your product, you know that it will be like every other bleach locally produced and sold without a name. But when you have a brand name with a well designed sticker on it. People will optin for your brand than the local ones they see all around them.

So you see that having a brand for your business adds value to it. So don’t package your bleach with coke and Fanta bottles. Look for packaging materials to buy.

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Marketing your Products

As I conclude this article, I want to add that one way to get started is with your family,  friends and neighbours.

When they see the effect of your product on their clothes and surfaces. They will refer their friends to you who will in turn refer others. The more people use your products, the more they will come back.

I know what I’m saying, if you follow these steps I gave you for making bleach, you will surely have a good product that will keep selling.

As I said earlier, I don’t always add caustic soda but if you must add, just add a teaspoonful, so you don’t get complains from your clients. As excess of it can weaken clothes. So you can just make do with the chlorine and soda ash and get a quality bleach.

This is about all you need to know on bleach production business in Nigeria.

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