How to Make Toilet Cleaner in Nigeria

How to Make Toilet Cleaner

How to Make Toilet Cleaner in Nigeria

A clean toliet protects from germs and harmful bacteria. It is therefore important to always keep your toilets clean. Germs and harmful bacteria cannot survive a well disinfected toilet or bathroom.
Millions of people get infected as a result of poor hygiene practice in toilet and bathrooms. You can produce toilet cleaner and supply to companies, churches and homes.

The quality of your toilet cleaner/wash will determine how successful your business becomes. This toilet cleaner/ wash you are about to learn is made up of high quality chemical composition that will not only keep your toilet clean but also kill germs and harmful bacteria thereby protecting toilet users from contacting infection.

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Below is a step by step guide on how to make toilet cleaner in Nigeria.

Ingredients for Making Toilet Wash

Hydrochloric acid (H.C.L) 2 litres Active Ingredient

Hydrofluoric acid (H.F) ¼ litre

Texapon or Sulphonic Acid 1 kg Foaming agent/emulsifier

Fragrance ¼ kg Scent

Color as desired

Water 2.5 litres Solvent

Caustic soda ½ kg Cleansing


Dissolve the caustic soda with a little water like 750ml of water

Mix texapon and caustic soda together in a bowl or container

Mix Hydrochloric acid (H.C.L)w little water and pour into solution one and stir clockwise, anticlockwise and middle

Pour a little water into a separate bucket, pour the H.F into that bucket containing the little water and stir very hard and pour in solution 2

Add ½ litre of water

Add perfume or fragrance

Add color (blue is preferable)


Hydrochloric acid (HCL) – a solution of hydrogen.

Hydrofluoric (H.F) acid- a solution of hydrogen fluoride in water. Both are very corrosive

How to Package Toilet Cleaner for Sale

There are various markets in Nigeria where you can buy packaging materials. Depending on your budget. You can buy containers from wholesalers or polythene bags for packaging.

Note that packing is a very important aspect of your business. The better the packaging and branding the more sales you will make.

Remember how hypo broke even with their new  package over a decade ago. You can even think out of the box and do something different from what others are doing with your toilet wash.

For your packaging materials, visit Ojota chemical market in Lagos. If you are not in Lagos, contact me for the address.

For branding, look for a good graphics designer whose service charge is not high as this will help reduce cost of production.

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