Car Wash Business in Nigeria

Car Wash Business in Nigeria

, Car Wash Business in Nigeria
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Car wash business in Nigeria can be very lucrative, as there are millions of cars in rural and urban areas. Depending on where you stay or where you intend to set up your car wash business.

I stay in a crowded city like Lagos and I can tell you that there are millions of cars all over Lagos. And most car owners prefer washing their cars in a car wash than washing it themselves.

Again the stress of work is one reason for a car owner to need car wash services.  Now let’s look at the steps on starting the car wash business in Nigeria.

The business is not limited to a particular set of people in society. It can be done by youths, unemployed, businessmen, graduates, women, men, etc. it is so feasible that anybody in the car wash business will never think of quitting.

To start a large scale car wash business, it is also important to carry out a feasibility study to fully understand what you are going into.

How to Start Car Wash Business in Nigeria

  • Startup Capital:

The minimum amount of money for the car wash business is about N200, 000. If you are interested in the car wash business and don’t have huge capital, you can start small and grow big.

  • You will Need a Piece of Land/Location

To start a car wash business in Nigeria, you will need a piece of land.  Now if you have a piece of land already, it will save you some money in setting up your car wash business. But it has to be close to a busy street with vehicular movement.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a piece of land, you can rent or buy one, divide the land, build a shed for your customers on a part to stay while they wait for their cars to be washed.

For a successful car wash business, location is of utmost importance, make sure you get a location that is close to a filling station mechanic workshop and a busy street with regular vehicular movement. While looking for a location, consider the drainage in that location so as to ensure the wastewater from the car wash does not become a problem for the people within the vicinity.

  • You Need Clean water:

You also need clean water to wash cars, if you have the money, you can make a borehole, dig a well or buy water from vendors who sell with tanker. Which also means you need to get over-head tanks to store water.

I strongly advise that you start small and grow big if you don’t have the money to make a borehole but I bet you it’s more economical.

  • Get Approval from the authorities

Because wastewater from the car wash can cause an environmental nuisance, it is important to inform the environmental health officers within your local government area. As I said earlier, your location should have drainage around so don’t have a problem of approval with the authorities.

Find out from other car wash owners, and if possible get a job at a car wash and get the experience before setting up your business

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  • Recreational Facilities with Snacks and Drinks

To be successful in your car wash business, you also need to make car wash attractive with drinks and snacks, so people can refresh while they wait for the washing of their cars.

Still, on the car wash business in Nigeria, another thing that can make you stand out is having a recreational center where your clients can sit and play games while they wait for you to wash their cars.

Games like snooker, Table tennis, drafts, chess, scrabble any other game to while away time as they wait for you to wash their cars.

With such recreational facilities, snacks, and drink in your car wash, your customers will never become bored while they wait for their cars.

Other things you need are buckets, mops, brush, detergent that will be mild on the car paint. You can also get a car washing machine to make your work faster if you have the money to do so. The price for car washing machine ranges from N75,000 to N120,000.

, Car Wash Business in Nigeria

Prospective Customers for Car wash Business in Nigeria

Below are some of the people who are likely to patronize you in your car wash business.

  • Bachelors and Spinsters: These people are not married and as such, they may not have time to wash their cars themselves with their tight schedule at work and business.
  • Married men / Women with little or female children: You are likely to get people in this category of people if they are of the middle class. Since their children are still very young, and they cannot wash their cars for them, they will need the services of a car wash.

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Marketing your Car Wash Services

Having set up your car wash business, effective marketing will expose you and give you an edge over other car wash services within your area. Now if there are other people rendering the same car wash services as you. You need to step up your game by doing what others are not doing.

You can print fliers, and distribute them to people within your area that have cars. You also know that some of them may already have customers that wash their cars, so you can find out how much others charge for the different cars and put your prices a bit lower than your competitors. You can also opt to go to their homes to wash for them by sending some of your staff if you have any. You can also employ one or two persons to do that for you while you agree on how to pay them. Some car owners may prefer a mobile car wash service considering the fact that some people are reluctant in taking their cars to a car wash.

In conclusion, the car wash business in Nigeria can be very lucrative, as more and more people buy cars daily. You just need to do your due diligence and make more research on more marketing tips.



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