Telecoms VTU Business in Nigeria

Telecoms VTU Business in NigeriaTelecoms VTU business in Nigeria is one business that will make you earn money even while you sleep. Did I hear you say “earn money even while you sleep?” Yes!

I mean you can earn money will you sleep. Sounds too good to be true right?  Well, you should know that investing in telecommunication is one of the best decisions you can make as a businessman.

Why you Should Invest in Telecoms Business

I presume you know that people buy recharge airtime the way they buy food and water. Do you know that the use of virtual top-up increased during the lockdown? Recharge cards sellers were selling with a 2% increment for all categories.

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Banks keep sending messages to customers to top up their airtime, subscribe to TV and buy data directly from their bank accounts.

Have you ever thought of the reason these banks keep sending you such messages? Or do you think they are doing that because they are Father Christmas? No! Of course. They are making a hell of money from millions of Nigerians. They make money from their purchases and still charge for those services.

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You too can make money like the banks by having your own telecoms business where people can top up from your website with 2, 3, or 4% discount, depending on the network, they want to top up with. Even if you don’t charge any membership fee for sign-ups. You will earn millions from their airtime top-ups, data bundles, and television subscriptions.

How Much Will This Investment Cost You?

You can start virtual top up business free (VTU) for life.  As you may already know, one business that is not affected by Covid -19 is telecoms. Whether you like it or not, you will buy airtime or data to call friends and family members. You will always buy data to go online. So having a telecoms business without paying a dime for set up, is something that you should take advantage of.

Become an Affiliate and Earn Minimum of N5000 Weekly

We also have pro membership where you have an option to refer new members and earn 50% referral bonus.

Another opportunity this offer brings you is this: you qualify for free business training on website design or blogging, or any DIY  business you choose to get trained in, from liquid soap making, bleach or yogurt.

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Let me give you detailed info on how our affiliate program works.

When you sign up as a free member at All in One VTU Nigeria you can find your wallet with instant funding or pay the the company’s account.or my personal account. Start your business as soon as possible. You earn from 2 to 3% discount whenever you buy airtime from your dashboard.

Now if you want to earn from your referrals, you can make a minimum of N5000 weekly with 50% referral bonus from each referral. So imagine you upgrade and register as an affiliate on All in One VTU, you share your referral link with friends and family members who sign up and upgrade with your affiliate link. You earn 50% from each of them. Now if you refer 20 people, a week with different levels you earn from all of them.

That is not all, you also qualify for the highest referrer bonus at the end of the year.

More Ways to Earn From All in One VTU.

Another way you can earn from our VTU platform is data subscriptions, cable TV and Bulk SMS.

We offer cheap data subscriptions from MTN. You can buy MTN data from us as low as N330 and sell at N500. All other networks in Nigeria are also available at cheaper rate.

Bulk SMS is another business you can do on our VTU platform. Many people need these services, especially in schools, churches, mosques, cooperative, and other businesses and organisations.

Proposal Letters for Your VTU Telecoms Business

As a member of All in One VTU Nigeria, you get free proposal tetters from us for your prospective customers.

All you need do is edit it and out you contact details and submit to the people you intend to render your services to.

The income opportunity in telecoms business is so huge that it is inexhaustible.

You cannot finish reaching the phone users. People will always use phone, they will always watch TV, and use the internet, so join the new oil businessa make the money.

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