How to Make Money Online in Nigeria During Corona virus Pandemic

  1. , How to Make Money Online in Nigeria During Corona virus PandemicI’m glad you are here because you will soon discover how to make money online in Nigeria during corona virus lockdown.  You will agree with me that the telecom business is one business that has been thriving before the lockdown, during this lockdown and will continue to thrive as long as we don’t  stop use phone, airtime, data or even television.

Telecoms Business a Money Spinner 

All over the world transactions are ongoing even when offices are physically closed. This is one business that will continue putting money in your pocket during this lockdown. Because, as we all know, our being online is made possible by data. That you are reading this article now is because you have data provided by one of the telecom companies in Nigeria. Do you know that while others are crying for money to eat during this lockdown, some are smiling to the bank because whether they visit their offices or not they are selling their goods and services online. You can also make money online in Nigeria during this COVID -19 lockdown.

From the first two weeks of the lockdown to this month, whether you know it or not millions are being earned by telecoms business owners. In this post, I will be giving you one important information that can change your finances during this lockdown if you are not lazy. Yes, if you can do this business, you will be sure to rake in a minimum of N3000 to N5000 daily.

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 Raise Money for Your Business Leveraging the Telecoms

If you are in my Facebook group (Mildbizpreneur), remember I said this group is about various online businesses but that we shall begin with blogging which we already did and still on it, because to have a good online business that will make you relevant. You need a blog, and by the time you add other businesses, I will be teaching you here. You will become an authority in online business. Having said that, I decided to bring this business to you because I’ve seen that many don’t have the N5000 to get a web host.

This business will put money in your pocket if you can market your business. You will be able to raise some money for your web hosting. And you can start your blogging business with part of the money you will earn from your telecoms business. Do you know that you can be a telecom service provider and make money from data, airtime and TV subscriptions with just N1000 registration? Yes, with just N1000 you can own your own telecom business, fund your wallet with any amount you can afford and start making money. Imagine that you register and buy 1G data for N400 and sell it to your customers at N700 or N800. You make N300 to M400 for each.

Become an Affiliate – Start Paying Yourself as a Telecoms User

You can even register with N1500 and earn money by introducing the business opportunity to your friends and earn from each referral. Now, this is not a network marketing business, it is a telecom business with an affiliate marketing opportunity, which is one of the things I said we will be talking about on this platform.

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How Does it Work?

You register and the company says if you invite one person you get paid N1000. Depending on how many people you are able to invite to become distributors for that company, you get N1000 from each of them. So imagine that you referred 10 people in one day who decided to become distributors for this company by registering with N1500 each, you will receive N10,000 for all 10 people. While the N500 balance of your registration.goes to the company.

Click here to sign up:  ( Use this number as your referral phone: 08030648867).

That is just how it works, in addition to the money you will earn from your products. The bottom line is this, no matter how broke you are, if you are not lazy, you will receive avalanches of naira into your account daily. COVID 19 stopped people from going to their offices and shops but it can’t stop people from making calls, watching TV nor going online. What are you waiting for? You have been enriching others since you started using phone here is an opportunity to share in the wealth from telecoms. Now you can make money from the huge telecom market.

Sign up here:  Referral phone number is 08030648867. If you have any questions let the roll in. God bless you all.

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