10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in Nigeria

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in NigeriaWhen talking about business ideas, one thing we need to consider is the trends and the economic situation in the country. So considering the trends in Nigeria, we shall be looking at the 10 best business ideas for 2020 in Nigeria.

These businesses are lucrative and you need little capital to start.

We all know that in Nigeria today, our borders are closed to the importation of foodstuffs which we also produce in Nigeria. This is to enable us to produce more consumable goods enough to take care of our daily consumption needs as a nation. Which in turn will help improve the economic situation of the country.

I guess you know where we are headed by now. This is an opportunity for Nigerians to embrace agriculture. Nigeria, being the largest African country, consumes so many foodstuffs. And in fact, we buy a lot of household items, clothes, drugs, data, airtime, lands and several other things that we need daily.

Nigeria – Africa’s Business Hub of All Time

Have you ever thought of why foreign investors still troop into Nigeria? even with the present economic situation in the country.

Our population, of course, is one reason why businessmen and women troop in to invest. Despite the economic recession.

I’ve seen several organizations, come to Nigeria, and succeed within a few months, in this harsh economy. Most of us don’t see what others outside see.

Nigeria is the business hub of Africa. Almost every business is centered around Nigeria and every company that comes into Nigeria succeeds within a very short period.

I strongly believe if we learn to depend on our selves and stop patronizing other neighboring countries for little things like tomatoes, chicken, and fruits, we would be better off.

Particularly, if the government would support youths and pensioners with the resources.

However, below are 10 best businesses for 2020 in Nigeria I’ve taken time to research. So let’s take a look at them one by one.

10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in Nigeria

Agriculture is my number one business, knowing the present economic situation and trends. It’s important to embrace agriculture. Everyone needs food to survive. No matter where we go or what we do, we always make provisions for food. Knowing that we will feel hungry at one point or the other as we go about our daily work and business.

Having said that, we will look at various agric ventures anyone can engage in.

Now, let’s look at each agric business one step at a time.


Livestock Farming

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in Nigeria

Livestock farming is number one on my list of 10 best ideas for 2020 in Nigeria. As I said earlier, we are going back to agriculture because of the decision of the government to close our borders. We have stayed long enough on this mountain of total reliance on oil. Technology is evolving, and in a few years, some of the countries buying crude oil from us will no longer need us. Especially, with the invention of electric cars.

Change is always difficult to cope with, but it’s a necessary tool for progress. Now, you can become a livestock farmer and be sure of making millions in a few months, if you know how to go about it.

Below is a list of some of the livestock farming available in Nigeria

  • Poultry farming – As a poultry farmer, you can make millions within six months to one year. Because of our population. We consume a lot of eggs and meat from a poultry farm. Hotels, restaurants, and homes need a lot of chicken and eggs to meet daily consumption needs. So if you are looking to start a business in Nigeria come 2020, consider poultry farming.
  • Snail farming is another business that is very lucrative. I guess that’s because it’s scarce. But you can start snail farming and make it big within a short time.
  • Fish farming is another very lucrative business that thrives in Nigeria. Nigerians and foreign nationals consume a lot of fish. So start this business in 2020 and earn millions in Nigeria, within six months to one year.
  • Quail Farming – Quail eggs are said to have medicinal properties. As we all know people are willing to do anything to stay healthy.
, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in Nigeria








Mushroom Farming

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in Nigeria
The Basics of Mushroom Farming

This is one business that is often overlooked in Nigeria. Mushroom farming is the most prolific and lucrative agricultural venture in Nigeria. It is a business where you turn waste into wealth. With mushroom farming, you can become a millionaire in six months.

10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in Nigeria

All inputs are mainly agricultural waste. You can start harvesting within one month.

Click here for information on how to start mushroom farming in Nigeria

Food Crops

The trends in present-day Nigeria is giving us the opportunity to embrace agriculture. You can become a farmer cultivating food crops like plantain, tomato, cassava, fruits, pumpkin, cucumber, ginger, garlic, turmeric, lettuce, potatoes, cabbage, okra, rice, melon, and several other food crops.

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in Nigeria

Anyone willing to go into agriculture will make it big as the total reliance on importation of everything is gradually phasing out. Now youths and pensioners can go into agriculture and succeed.

All you need do is make a research on any agric business in intend to go into. Make a feasibility study and get all the necessary info you need. Agriculture is one of the best business all over the world because people must eat. And without farming, there will be no food to eat. So think about it.


Natural Health Consultant

The next business in my list of the best business ideas for 2020 is natural health consultancy. “Health they say “is wealth.” No matter how much money you have in your bank account, without good health, you cannot enjoy that money.

People are willing to pay any amount of money to take care of their health. And as it stands now, there are millions of people suffering from health challenges that only natural drugs and supplements can solve.

Conventional or orthodox medicines do not have a cure for most health challenges that people face. Diseases like stroke, kidney failure, health disease, hepatitis, fibroid, prostate enlargement, and cancer cannot be cured with conventional drugs. Also, technology has made it possible for people to be able to prevent prostate enlargement, cervical cancer, ovarian cyst, virginal cancer and several other diseases with the use of anion stripped panty liners. So, there is a need to create awareness for people to be able to know the importance of natural herbs to the body.

Or why do you think universities in Nigeria, are now accrediting African traditional medicine degree and certificate courses? They now see the need to go back to natural drugs since orthodox drugs cannot proffer solutions to most of the prevalent diseases that people suffer today.

I have also experience heart palpitations that orthodox drugs could not take care of. I decided to take herbal drugs which stopped the palpitations for more than a year now.

So if you ask me, I think the chances of succeeding in natural health consultancy is very huge because people are yet to know about it. But if you can create awareness. Enough to convince people on why they need herbal drugs. You will surely succeed.

Network Marketing

Today, network marketing is like an oil business. It is one business that has made millionaires. It is a business you do without educational qualification or age limit. Everyone is qualified to do it. Gender and tribe notwithstanding. You can partner with any of the companies that provide such opportunities and use their brand to build your business and become your own boss.

Some people find it difficult to do network marketing, but I see it as the best and easiest way to become a millionaire and live the life you have dreamed to live. Because with multilevel marketing, you earn while you sleep. As you leverage on teamwork. See the list of some network marketing companies in Nigeria.

Some Network Marketing companies in Nigeria

Amongst the 10 best business ideas for 2020 in Nigeria, network marketing is one that I think should not be taken lightly. Because of one company that has become a household name in Nigeria.

Longrich Bioscience International – This company came to Nigeria 7 years ago, and within these years, they have been able to reach several millions of Nigerians with their products. What makes it unique is that the products are items that everyone needs at home. Which of course includes children.

Items produced by Longrich include bath foam, bathing soap, alkaline cup, energy shoes for stroke and arthritis. Energy necklace, pot, drugs, panty liners etcetera

My attention was drawn to Longrich when I discovered the effect of their panty liners and sanitary pads. Which helps prevent and treat prostate cancer in men, cervical, virginal, ovarian cancer in women and fibroid. So, if you are considering going into any multi-level marketing business, consider Longrich.

I’m presently working to create awareness on how to prevent prostate and other forms of cancer that always affect the male and female reproductive system.

You can also become a stockist at Longrich and earn as distributors come to buy from you. I think this is a huge leap forward for those who don’t want to refer.

You can contact me through the comment for details on how to join.

GreenLife Multinational

A Chinese company that produces herbal drugs. Greenlife products are not just supplements but drugs. They also have products that treat stroke, heart diseases, kidney failure, fibroid, arthritis, prostate cancer, and several other diseases. They also have technologically advanced machines that analyze all the systems of the human body, breast massager, detoxifying machine and more.


Their drugs are curative, so if you have a passion for natural health solutions. GreenLife is a good way to start.

Internet Business

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in NigeriaThe world is gradually moving from analog to digital in all areas. Therefore, it’s important to embrace change if you want to be relevant in business. Many people today, stay at home to make millions of dollars online.


Different types of online business exist, and these include, blogging, freelancing, cryptocurrency, affiliate marketing, and more.


Produce Household Items

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in NigeriaHousehold items are needed for daily use at home, hotels, schools and offices. You can produce and get clients from any of the places I’ve mentioned above and make millions supplying those items.

Check out my post on how to make liquid soap, izal, dettol, yoghurt, insecticide, etcetera.


Mini Importation

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in NigeriaGone are those days when people had to travel abroad to import just a few items. Today, the situation is different as people now sit at the comfort of their home, order for goods, make payment and ship the goods to Nigeria without moving out of their homes.


You can order any item of your choice and sell it at a very high-profit margin.

See my post on how to start mini importation in Nigeria.

Telecommunications Agent

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in NigeriaAs the days go by, the telecom industry is expanding. And so the demand for agents is increasing. People now buy data and airtime from their bank accounts. Cable television is now replacing the traditional TV stations. So, becoming a telecoms agent is a lucrative business in Nigeria, as far as the use of phone and cable TV is concerned. You can register with Recharge and Get Paid to become an agent.

More phones are produced by phone manufacturers to meet the increasing need of consumers. So also the demand for phone accessories.

Interstate Transportation

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in Nigeria

The next on my list of 10 best business ideas for 2020 in Nigeria is Interstate transportation. We all move from one place to the other and without transportation, we cannot move. People convey goods and farm produce from one state of production to another state, to sell and make profit.

Interstate transport is a business that is very lucrative. Because, as far as people have to move from one state to the other, for jobs, exams, course, businesses, and more. They need transport companies to convey them. So if you are still thinking of which business to start in 2020, this could be it.

That being said, if you have the capacity to create awareness, you can be sure to get clients to patronize you. Because people want to stay healthy and as such, they are willing to pay anything to be healthy.

Water Production

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in NigeriaAnother business, that I am sure will thrive and last for as long as the earth remains is water business. We need water for everything we do in life. Portable drinking water is very important for sustenance.

If you have the means, I think water production in plastic bottles of sachet is a lucrative business that can bring you millions. If you know how to make your brand known. Since the market is already populated.

I guess you know that there is no portable water in some states. Especially in Lagos where I am, so if you have the means. This is one business you should consider.

Training Centre

, 10 Best Business Ideas for 2020 in NigeriaThe last but not the least on the of 10 best business ideas for 2020 in Nigeria is starting a training centre. If you are skilled in anything. You can have a place to train people who will be willing to learn from you.

The world is becoming a global village and people are looking to learn new skills, especially, in the area of information technology, sewing, makeup, decoration, event planning, braiding, and hairdressing.

We have come to the end of this post on the 10 best business ideas for 2020 in Nigeria.

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