How to Create a WordPress Blog

how to create a wordpress blog

How to Create a WordPress Blog :  A WordPress Self – hosted Blog.

In this article, I will give you a step by step guide on how to create a WordPress blog, a WordPress self – hosted blog. So leave whatever you are doing right now and give me your undivided attention. Trust me, you don’t want to miss a tiny bit of what I’m about to show you.

Now in order to understand what we will discuss on this post. There is something crucial I need you to do. If you have not read my article on “how to create a blog – Introduction to Blogging”.   Click to read. 

It serves as a foundation for our topic of discussion today ” How to Create a WordPress Blog”.

Having said that, let’s go straight to our topic for today.

So let’s proceed. Shall we?

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WordPress, one of the most popular content management sites on the internet, powers about 30% of websites, which speaks volume of its prominence.

It’s interface is easy to understand even for a novice. I found blogging interesting, with Not just because of its dashboard that is easy to understand. But it also has thousands of themes to choose from and hundreds of plugins to perform several functions.

So, if you are looking to create a blog and don’t know how to go about it, here is a step by step guide on how to create a WordPress blog.
Now, let’s take one step at a time. Shall we…? Ok.

Step 1

Get a Web Hosting Plan

You need a web hosting service to create a WordPress self-hosted blog. So, if you don’t have a hosting plan, you can visit Qservers to buy a web hosting plan and a domain name.  Qservers provide free domain, for or .ng extension. Which implies you don’t need to pay for a domain name when you purchase a hosting plan with and .ng from them

There are other web hosting services available on the internet but I will use qservers for this post. Because it’s affordable and has a reliable uptime of about 99.9% which is great. I’m presently using it for this site.

They also have a responsive customer care service. Who respond promptly to customers emails. Also for newbies who don’t have much capital to start a blog. It’s a good way to start.

Here is a Brief Description of the qservers Hosting Plan.

  • 99.9% uptime
  •  free domain registration with 
  •  2G storage
  • 8G bandwidth
  • unlimited emails
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 5 subdomains
  • Daily backup 
  • Cpanel

So if you don’t have a hosting plan, you can create an account here with here

Step 2

Install WordPress / Accessing your Cpanel

Installing a WordPress self – hosted blog is not complicated. But one still needs a guide to do it. I advise you to learn and perfect the art of blog creation, which includes installing WordPress and managing, themes, plugins, widgets menus and several other things. If you really want to be an online entrepreneur to reckon with.

However, below is a step by step guide. So follow these steps to access your dashboard and create your WordPress blog.

I guess by now you have signed up with qservers. If so, login to your email. Then locate the emails sent to you on from qservers,  you will see an email titled “your web space details”. Click to open the email, you will see your Cpanel link. Copy the username below the link, and click on the link, paste the username in the space provided and go back to your email to copy the password and paste it in the space provided and click enter to log in to your Cpanel. See the screenshot below.How to create a wordpress blog in Nigeria












This will take you to next page where you have everything you need to install WordPress.

How to create a wordpress blog in Nigeria

First you need to install SSL certificate, scroll down to “security” then click in “Let’s Encrypt”. see the screenshot below

How to create a wordpress blog

click on it and you will see your domain name. Click “issue in the box on I marked red. another window will open for you to issue and save your SSL certificate.

how to create a wordpress blog

On the next page like the one below, choose “Http” in the red box and click save. 

You will receive a message  telling you “you have successfully installed SSL certificate for your domain”

How to create a wordpress blog

Now that you have installed your SSL certificate.

Let’s go-ahead to install WordPress.

Scroll down to “softwares” section. There you will see the Softaculous App Installer. Click on it, and you will see the content management apps namely, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and several others.

How to create a wordpress blog



Since we want to create a blog with WordPress. Click on the WordPress icon. In the image below. (in the red box).

How to create a wordpress blog

Now click on the blue “Install” button. On the next page, define the credentials for your blog. See screenshot below.

how to craete a wordpress blog



The latest version of WordPress is already displayed for you, so in the space where you have “choose the version you want to install” leave it as it is.

In the “choose protocol” section, choose https, since you have already installed an SSL certificate from the instructions above.

In the “choose installation URL you want to install the software” section leave it as it is. Except you have another site registered with Qservers. If not leave it as it is, that is your present URL.

In the software set up section, leave the “In Directory” field, delete the “WP” and leave blank.
Don’t change anything under “Database Settings”.

Then scroll down to the “Site Settings” to enter your preferred name and description for your site. (Both can be changed later). Site name is your blog’s name. And the ” Site Description” is where you define the purpose of your blog. As I said earlier, you can edit it any time.

Next scroll down to the admin account section to set your username and password (I advise you change the default “admin” to your preferred name and please choose a strong password combined with upper and lower case, numbers, other symbols like $*%& and punctuation marks).
Finally, click the install button at the bottom of the page.

How to create a wordpress blog

Once the installation is complete, you will be taken to a confirmation page displaying your username and password. You will also receive a confirmation email with your username and password.

Your login URL (eg. will be displayed. Copy and paste it in your computer. You will need it later.
If you do everything right you should receive a congratulatory message for successfully installing your blog.


Step 3

Customize Your WordPress Blog

Now that you’ve installed WordPress successfully, copy the login URL you save in your computer earlier, and paste it in your browser. There you will see your WordPress login page.

Click on “Login with your username and password”. See screenshot

How to create a WordPress blog

Type in your username and password, hit the enter button on your keyboard. This will take you to the WordPress dashboard.

Like the screenshot below

How to Create a WordPress Blog
How to Create a WordPress Blog

There, you will customize your site, install plugins, publish your blog content, add menus, widgets and all that needs to be done for your site to look professional.

The WordPress dashboard is easy to understand. You can change your theme anytime you like. Plugins are also easy to install and activate.

Though there are themes that are not free, there are also thousands of free themes you can choose from. I advise you choose free themes. Since you are just starting your online business.

Most WordPress plugins and themes come with premium or pro versions but you can use the free versions for a start. Below are some free themes and plugins.

Some Free WordPress Themes

  • Graphene
  • Lectern
  • Ascent
  • Dazzling
  • Asteroid
  • Workflow
  • Adventure

Some WordPress Plugins

  • Askimed: To prevent spam comments
  • All in One Search engine pack: To optimize you blog for search engine to crawl
  • Jetpack: To monitor your sites traffic reports
  • Floating Social Bar: Adds social networking sites button to your blog pages
  • WordPress Related Posts

Step 4

How to Install Theme in WordPress

Themes determines the look of your blog, WordPress has thousands of beautiful themes to enhance the look of your blog’s site. WordPress themes are very easy to install and uninstall.

To install a theme, click on “Appearance” on your dashboard, click on theme, then click on add new, in the space “search themes” type the name of the theme you want to install, you will see the theme you entered inside the search box appear on the top left corner of your screen with other themes appearing below it and beside it. See the screenshot below.

How to Create a WordPress Blog

How to Create a WordPress Blog

There are themes that come with posts excerpts setting but in case, you are using a theme that does not have such, you should place your cursor on the place you want the excerpts then click on “more” above the editing screen. This will show the “read more” tag on your post. This helps cut down the post, to give your visitors a better experience.

How to create a wordpress blog
How to Create a WordPress Blog

Activate your new theme to make it active. You will receive a message “theme activated successfully”. You can change your theme anytime.

Now, to ensure that the theme is working properly click on visit site to see the new look of your site.

To customize your theme, click on “Appearance” on the left. Under theme, click on “customize” then set the home page, logo, site icon and menus. (More on menu in step 10).



Step 5

How to Install Plugin on WordPress

Plugins make it possible for you to create a beautiful and professional-looking blog without the HTML skills or programming language. All you need is understand how to install and uninstall the plugins.

Yet to get a web hosting plan? Click here to buy one

Now, to install a plugin, click on “appearance”, click on “plugins”, then click on “add new”, on the page that comes up, type in the name of the plugin you want to install, hit the enter button.

The plugin and all its features should appear first on the left-hand corner of your page. Click on install, you will see a dialogue box with this question “Do you really want to install the plugin?” Click ok. The plugin will be installed for you, then click on activate. See screenshot below

How to create a WordPress blog
How to Create a WordPress Blog


If it is activated successfully, you will see “plugin activated successfully”. Now to ensure that the plugin is working, click on “visit site”. If you see the plugin on your blog’s dashboard. You are done with that plugin. You can do that with all other plugins you will add later.

How to create a WordPress blog

Step 6

How to Add Widget to Your WordPress Blog

Widgets are tools that are used to add texts, images and perform certain functions on your blog. These widgets always appear on the right-hand corner of your blog. Several plugins come with widgets; all uninstalled widgets appear on the left side of the widgets page.

To add a widget, click on appearance, click on widgets then, click on the widget you want to add to move it to the position you want it to be.

For example if you have the Jetpack plugin installed, when you click on widgets, you will see the widgets that come with jetpack plugin, move the one you want to add and click on save. If you want to add a “Subscribe Now” widget, click on it and move it to the right side of the widgets page. See screenshot below. You can see that I just added “Recent Posts” it’s a Jetpack widget.

How to create a WordPress blog

The screenshot above shows a widget I added “WordPress recent posts”. The red arrows points to the location of the widget, the new position on activation and the final set up and save.

Step 7

How to Add Content to Your WordPress Blog

When you set out to start your online business, one thing you should know is that publishing rich and high-quality content on your site will make you stand out and make your site’s visitors to keep coming back to your site.

People come to the internet to find information, so good and high quality content is very important if you really want to make money online. I am not a party to stealing information on the internet to flood your blog.

Google frowns at duplicate contents and if you are caught, you can be banned. So try as much as you can to write high-quality content. If you cannot write well, you can hire someone to write for you.
Now, let’s see how to add content to your site …..

Assuming, you are already logged in to your blog’s back end. On your dashboard, click on posts on the left side, click on add new, and then you will see the editing screen. Enter the title of your post at the space provided. Type your blog’s post and click on publish on the right side of the page. See screenshot (take note of the ones circled in red).

How to create a WordPress blog

Note that you can write, and edit your contents on Microsoft word before copying them to the editing screen. This will enable you to save data to do other things that needs an internet connection to perform. You can search google for topics like “how to create a blog” “how to make money online”, “how to create a WordPress blog” like this one you are reading now.

Step 8

How to Add Image to Your WordPress Blog Post

Every blog or website needs images to enhance its look and portray what you are writing about; every blog passes on to its reader one information or the other.

Before a visitor reads your article, the image displayed on your blog, will first pass the message to him/her, which will in turn make him/her want to read what information you are trying to pass across.

Now, how do you add an image to your blog?
To add image, to your blog, click on “add media” on the editing area of your blog. But if you are using the new block on WordPress. Click on the plus + sign in the paragraph you want to add the image. Several options will show up. Click on the image icon.

(Note: I circled media but you can leave it and click on the + sign as I said earlier and easily add image by clicking on the image icon as seen in the screen, where the red arrow is).

How to Create a wordpress blog

This will take you to another page click on upload image.

How to create a WordPress blog

It will also take you to your saved document files on your computer, where you will choose the image file. Click on open. This will take you back to your blog’s back end to store the image in your media file, wait for it to finish loading.

Type the title of your blog post in the “Alternative text” box. For example, the title of this post is “How to Create a WordPress Blog”. So, the alternative text for your image should be “How to Create a WordPress Blog”. This will enable search engines to crawl your post when people search for information online. Now click on add to post. The image will be automatically added to your post.

You can click on the image to either reduce or increase the size of the image.

Step 9

How to Add Hyperlink to Your Post

Hyperlinks are the links that, takes you to another post on your blog or another website when clicked. It is important to add such links to your blog to connect your posts to each other. Links also promotes a better reader experience.

These are important part of your blog’s posts because they give your readers the opportunity to read other useful articles on your blog. And don’t forget that there are many blogs out there on the internet that provides the same information you provide on your blog but if it is not comprehensive enough to satisfy your readers, they will not come back.

They will go searching for the information you don’t provide. So, try as much as you can to write high-quality content and link them together to give readers satisfaction.
So, how do you do that? Adding a hyperlink is not a difficult task, just follow me as I show you how to do it. Let’s begin now ….

Highlight the word you want to use for the link, click on the link icon above your editing screen, see screenshot below.

How to create a WordPress blog

How to Know the HyperLink is Good to Go

This will take you to another page that shows all your posts, click on the post title you want to link to and click add link or if you have another blog you want to link to, enter the URL of that blog. Click on open link in another page if you want the link to open in another page on your browser, but if not, click on “add link”.

How to create a WordPress blog

Click on visit site to see the link, which will be underlined in blue, red, green or any other color depending on your theme but most links appear in blue color; you can also change it to any other color of your choice.
To test the link click on it, if you did everything right, it will take you to the post or website to which you linked it.

Step 10

How to Add Menu to Your Blog

A menu enables you to present a site structure to your users. It helps users find information and browse through different sections of your website.

Menus are very important. As a result, they are usually placed close to the header in most WordPress themes.

Every WordPress theme comes with one, two or three menu positions. Follow these steps to add menu to your blog.

Click on “Appearance” on the left side of your dashboard, then click on menu. See the image below.

How to Create a WordPress Blog
How to Create a WordPress Blog

This will take you to the next page where you provide a name for your menu and arrange them in your preferred order.

Give a name to your menu, e.g. Main Menu’ and then click on the create menu button. This will expand the menu area, and it will look like this:


How to Create a WordPress Blog
How to Create a WordPress Blog


We have come to the end of this post, on how to create a WordPress blog. As time goes on, you will discover other things you can do to improve your blog. I strongly advise you frequently, search for information that will help you grow your business online instead of Facebooking and posting irrelevant posts on social media. You can always search for “how to get traffic to my blog” “how to write good articles” etcetera.

There are loads of information online that will help you improve your blogging skills. So always search for blogging tips.


I hope this information helps. For questions on how to create a blog or how to make money online. Contact me on WhatsApp with 08186741226… or send me an email on




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