Special Offer – How to Start Mini Importation with as Low as N20,000 and Make Huge Profit.

How to start mini importation in NigeriaYou are here! This is your one-stop, all in one, all-inclusive mini importation guide that will move you to the top in a few days as you follow the simple tips I will share with you.

The world has become a global village, where you sit at the comfort of your home, in your underwear or pyjamas and order for goods, make payment and get your goods in Nigeria.

Now as simple as that may sound, you need the necessary information on how to do that. Not just that but also where to buy goods, the types of goods you can buy that will sell like garri. Yes, because there are things you buy that will remain in your hand for ages.

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In this information, I will give you every necessary detail on the goods you can buy, how to make payment, how to ship them to Nigeria at the cheapest rate within a week. I will also give you information on how and where to sell and get huge profits as high as 300% to N500% of the total cost and shipping price.

Mini – importation

I know you may have come in contact with some info on importation and how you can make millions. But as good as that may sound. I am not here to exaggerate so you can put all your hope in me. What you will make depends on what you can buy. You can make as much as 300 to 500% depending on what you buy. For instance, if you buy a small item that cost you N200 plus shipping cost to Nigeria. And you know that item is something that people need but it’s not common. You will make huge profits from it. And the more you order the more money you make from it. It does not necessarily require you to buy expensive items to make millions. These and some other information are readily available for you to make huge profits as you buy this guide. So you don’t go and buy items that will not give you enough gain even if it is very cheap. Especially if the demand is not high in Nigeria. But there are items you can buy with as low as 200 with shipping and you will rake in millions within 6 months of starting your mini importation business.

This information is worth N35,000 but I will give it to the first 100 people who want to make a change in their finances before the year runs to an end. Yes, at a give away price. As the year is running to an end, there are items you can import at very low prices that people will need during the festive season. And you can be sure of making enough money for yourself as you prepare for the end of year.

Below are the details of the benefits you stand to get from this guide.

  1. Step by step guide with pictures on mini -importation (from start to getting your goods in Nigeria)
  2. Full powerpoint presentation
  3. Full training on Facebook advert. (That is how to advertise and sell your goods on faceBook
  4. How to sell your goods on Jumia, Konga, jiji, and other platforms.
  5. The best items you can buy that sells like garri
  6. Finally, you get my support at any time you get stuck.

All these will be given to you at a give away price of N2999 for the first 100 people that will like to grab this offer of a life time before 30th September, 2019. Hurry and grab yours while the offer lasts.

To get this offer pay into the account below

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Account name: Emildop Grace Concepts

Bank Name: Access Bank

Account No: 0804159168

After payment, send an email with screenshot of your prove of payment to admin@emildopgraceconcepts.com

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As soon as your payment is confirmed, I will send you the guide within one hour.

Welcome to the world of possibilities.




My name is Mildred. I'm a Christian and a lover of God. I'm resilient and have complete trust in God. This blog was created to help others learn various skills that would help them not just to earn a living but become entrepreneurs that would become global Giants in business. Welcome to MildBizPreneur!

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