Multi- Level Marketing

Welcome to another interesting topic on small business ideas ” Multi – Level Marketing”. I have become very fond of most of the quotes of the bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki.  One of them is “The richest people in the world build networks, everyone else is trained to look for work”.

In his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” he advised that people should get involved in multi-level marketing business to enable them to create wealth.

I’m certain, Robert Kiyosaki is one man that has received rewards from multi – level marketing.

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One way to get residual income is to belong to a network marketing business, because at end of the stages provided by the management of the MLM companies, their members that achieved the said levels are placed on residual income all their lives and even when they are no more, the benefits go to their families who receive monthly payments from the companies.

To illustrate more, I want to tell you about my mum who was a civil servant.

As a civil servant (a teacher) my mum worked for more than thirty (30) years and died before her retirement in 2008. We had to go to the ministry of education to claim her benefits and it took us about five (5) years to claim her benefits and guess how much was given to us after her service of over thirty years (30) five million and some fractions (5m+).

If we are to compare this to a person that worked with a multi-level marketing company for just five (5) years or ten (10)  she would have created wealth that even generations yet unborn will never be poor but in this part of the world almost everyone just want to work and earn salary and remain poor for life.


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Several people are involved in the rat race but you and I can change this if we can just have a mentality of wealth creation, by building businesses that will make money to work for us even when we are gone.

We should put away the mind of working for money and build our business with multi -level marketing as a tool and let money work for us. We should stop looking jobs just to get money to spend and start all over again every month. We should learn to invest even when we are working, or join a good MLM company to create wealth.


I want to suggest a few multi – level marketing opportunities that can help you get started.

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GreenLife Herbal Network

GreenLife is one network that has impacted lives of members and several millions of people who have used their drugs to treat difficult health challenges.

GreenLife Multi – national is a reputable company with herbal products that are certified by Nafdac and American FDA.

Greenlife has several drugs for health related issues like fibroid, diabetes, stroke, kidney failure, prostate cancer, heart diseases etc.


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For more info contact me with the contact details at the end of this post.

The Billion Coin (TBC) is one of the numerous crypto -currencies that exist. TBC however, is not like every other crypto currency.

While other crypto – currencies are traded in the coin market. TBC is member -based. What this means is that its value is determined by the the number if people that have the coin. The coin was created to work on a soft ware that increases its value aes more people join the community.

The admin of TBC is presently giving out cookies to new members who sign up and refer others. And as they refer, they receive what the admin call cookies which will be redeemed in May 2019. This reward is equal to 1 TBC and one TBC is worth more than $8m.


Incredible right? That is what is obtainable in this technology era. Some people are not aware of what is obtainable. They will one day wake up to know that they have been left behind. They will realise that the opportunity is gone.

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.

To be a part of this cookies reward cluck here to join TBC.


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Telecommunication is one business that will stand the test of time because of the revolution of technology.


Research also show that recharge cards are the most wanted commodiities, all over the world.

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Yes, 99% of the population of the world use phones and such people buy recharge cards daily. As a matter of fact, there are virtual top up services set up by banks. Banks saw the need for people to recharge at the comfort of their offices and hones, so they cane up with VTU channels to enable people recharge with ease without leaving their homes/offices in search of vendors.


Recharge and get paid is the first to come up with a multi – level marketing plan to enable people recharge and earn. It also gives their paid members an opportunity to create wealth as they refer others into the platform.


What happens is that, the referrer get paid as the referrals recharge their phones, buy, data, and pay TV subscriptions on the recharge and get paid platforms.

Now if you will agree with me, you know that people cannot do without recharging. So, being a part of this platform places you in a position where you earn from all the recharges of your team members for life.

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You earn money while you sleep. You don’t know when your referrals recharge. You just login to see the money you earn from all the transactions that take place on your dashboard.



Another multilevel marketing company that has stood the test of time is Helping Hands International. It is fondly referred to as H2i by members, which is the short form or the initials for Helping Hands International. H2i has made millionaires in Nigeria and the world over, and has given scholarships to orphans, fatherless children and people that have special needs who are not registered members of H2i but referred by members of H2i who knew their condition and brought their case to H2i management.

H2i as an NGO give financial support to members, they also have services they render to their members which includes free skills acquisition, loan up to two million (N2m), land, free house, free all expenses paid trip abroad, financial support for members children up to university level and residual income for life.




My name is Mildred. I'm a Christian and a lover of God. I'm resilient and have complete trust in God. This blog was created to help others learn various skills that would help them not just to earn a living but become entrepreneurs that would become global Giants in business. Welcome to MildBizPreneur!

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