Interstate Business in Nigeria

Interstate Business in Nigeria

Interstate business in Nigeria, is one business that is often overlooked. But for those who know how lucrative it is, it has been yielding high returns on investment.

If you’ve been following this blog, you would have seen most of my articles on production of household items. However, I also know some people are not just cut out to producing items.

Since my aim is to help as many people that need business ideas they can start with little capital. We all know that the richest people in the world are not employees but employers. They are people who mind own their own business.

That does not mean you should not work, but while you are being employed. Get a “plan B” to support yourself and family, and plan to be an employer.

Minding your own business is the best you can do for yourself. When you mind other people’s business, you make them rich and get stipends from them.

So, even if you are doing a nine to five job. You can get a plan B. Which will bring you extra income. And as you work on your plan B. Desire to be established in your own business. If you do that well, you would find out that you will not work all your life.

That being said, have you ever thought of why most paid workers still do business? 

They want to make more money of course, and probably have a business they can fall back on in case they get fired by their employers as a result of recession or poor economic situations like the one we are presently experiencing in Nigeria.

Let’s now look at the types of interstate business in Nigeria, you can venture into.

Types of Interstate Business in Nigeria

There are two types of interstate business in Nigeria I will talk about namely:

  • Interstate Trading
  • Interstate Transport

Interstate Trading

I was talking with someone from the North, on business ideas. She told me they have snails in her village but they don’t eat snails. Not that they forbid it, but they don’t know its value.

There are other villages and towns in Nigeria that have one thing or the other that is common but scarce in other towns and villages.

Goods are brought from the north to Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri and other parts of the country. I also know that people from some parts of the south – south and south – east produce palm oil, ogbono and other food items which they can carry to the north and south – west. Yet it is often over looked.

Types of Goods You Can Buy/Sell from One State to Another

Palm Oil

Palm oil is used in every home, and as such it sells like crazy. Anyone interested can do it and make it big. Now, let’s look at palm oil business this way.

Do you know that if you have the money, you can get a palm oil producing machine, produce the oil yourself in the south south or southeast. Store it during the dry season and sell it to marketers that buy from the south to other parts of the country. Or better still, transport it yourself to other parts of the country for higher profit? Yes, especially during the rainy seasons when the price of oil is always high.

Ogbono, Melon, Crayfish, Fish and other food stuffs.

In Bayelsa, ogbono is one product that is produced in large quantities and transported to other parts of the country. You can travel to any village in Bayelsa state and buy ogbono, transport it to Lagos or any other part of Nigeria and sell to retailers.

Melon, fish and crayfish are some of the items you can buy and sell from one part of Nigeria to another.

Fruits and Vegetables

Interstate business in Nigeria

You can buy fruits and vegetables from one state in Nigeria and sell in another state. People buy fresh tomatoes, pepper, onions, potatoes, water melon, cucumber, cabbages from the north and transport to Lagos and other states.

Because these are consumables, they sell fast. People always need to eat. As a result, you can be sure to make huge profit buying and selling these goods form one state to the other

Shoes, Clothes, Bags, Phones, Electronics and More.

Interstate business in Nigeria

Lagos state, because of the sea port, has many companies producing and manufacturing goods. Most goods in Nigeria come through the Lagos sea port. We see that goods are very cheap in price compared to other parts of the country. Therefore, if you are looking for business to do, buying goods from Lagos and selling them in other parts of the country is one business that can give you quick return on investment (ROI).

Buying goods from one part of the country to the other is a very lucrative business though it can be very tasking because of the long distance. But I think it’s worth the trouble.

Interstate Transportation

Our discussion on interstate business will not be complete without talking about interstate transportation. Movement of people, and goods from one place to the other is very vital. Because, without transportation, all the talk about buying goods from one part of Nigeria to another will not be possible.

I guess you can see that interstate business in Nigeria, is one area of business we cannot do without. No matter how difficult things might be. People must travel from one place to another.

Anyone who intends to start buying goods from one state to another needs a transport company that runs interstate. As you can see, the market for interstate business is huge.

We have various transport companies that run interstate. You too can run your own transport, if you have the money to do so. Or you partner with any of the already existing transport companies

So, if you are thinking of a business to start. Why not take a look at inter state business Nigeria? It can be very lucrative you know…? Need more info this …… ?

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