Commercial Mushroom Farming in Nigeria

Commercial mushroom farming in nigeria
Commercial mushroom farming in Nigeria.

When we talk about commercial  mushroom farming in Nigeria, one would wonder and ask how relevant it is. This is as a result of the fact that mushroom was not taken seriously in Nigeria, it was not one of the crops planted by any farmer here in Nigeria and up till this moment, we have just a handful of farmers that are into mushroom farming.

Mushroom grow on it’s own on old fallen trees. It is not like other crops, and as a matter of fact, it has the characteristics of plants and animals because it is a fungus.

I remember when I was growing up as a child, I saw people pick mushrooms and sell at cheap prices. I never liked it and always thought they lacked money to buy meat.

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Mushroom Can be Planted and Harvested Daily

I became very shocked when in 2011, I first entered a mushroom farm (a cropping house). During one of our  training sections; at the Rivers state university of science and technology agric farm. I was shocked to the bone to discover that a farmer could cultivate mushrooms, harvest daily and readily sell them.

As a matter of fact, it is on high demand here in Nigeria and the supply is not enough for daily demand in the market.

Our instructor would always tell us, during our training that we need to join the very few mushroom farmers and create awareness.

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So as to have enough supply, because  as at that time, during our training sessions we saw people come to the farm to buy fresh and dried mushroom, well packaged with NAFDAC registration number.

Commercial mushroom farming in Nigeria is the last thing that would come to anyone’s mind when talking about agricultural ventures.

Before I came to learn and know about mushrooms, I never knew it has such potentials – information is power indeed.

Learning about mushroom cultivation actually changed my perception of many things. I never though that mushroom can be so useful.  I had thought I didn’t need to know anything about it mushroom farming because in my own opinion, it was useless learning about it. As I thought nobody in his right mind would ask to buy mushroom.

I also thought it was a waste of time, but came to understand that it has become a very important and useful agricultural venture that can turn around the lives of millions of people in Nigeria if taken seriously.

Times are changing and mushroom is now accepted and being consumed by many people here in Nigeria.

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Technology today has made it possible for farmers to cultivate mushroom in large quantities, employ workers and make decent income to take care of their families’ needs.

These days we hear people are told to reduce their intake of meat and eat more vegetables and fruits. Sincerely speaking, mushrooms are vegetables that are regularly recommended for people that need less fatty foods.

The health benefits of mushroom are enormous and can it be over – emphasized.

Do you know that mushroom is the only agricultural venture that will give you one hundred percent (100%) return on investment within six months to one year?

Yes you got me right; it can be cultivated and harvested within three months and as you start harvesting after three months you will continue to harvest daily.

I know you are wondering how that is possible since mushrooms can only grow on abandoned wood (trees) but I tell you that is what makes it unique! 

Like I said earlier it is the only crop that can give you good return on investment within a space of six months to one year. It can be cultivated during the rainy and dry season.

I will like you to read this article on  mushroom.I will like you to read this article on  mushroom.

Before I continue, let me ask you, do you know that there are people in Nigeria that consume mushroom daily?

Do you know that there is high demand of mushroom here in Nigeria? 

Do you also know that there are many super-markets, hotels and restaurants that need daily supply of mushroom?

Yes, the world is growing in information technology and foreign investors are in Nigeria doing business and making huge profits annually.

As technology attains greater heights, Nigeria is not left out. In the late 80s and early 90s we only had Mr. Biggs restaurant but today we have so many of them, some of which are Tantalizers, Food Prints, Sweet Sensation, Dominos, the list is endless, I can go on and on. 

All these restaurants and several others use mushrooms for some of their meals most of which are continental dishes. Especially the restaurants owned by Asians – Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese etc.

I know several restaurants that sell pizzas and other continental dishes using mushrooms to prepare them. Big hotels in Nigeria such as Eko hotel, Hotel presidential, Federal palace hotel are few examples of hotels that need mushrooms daily for most intercontinental dishes.

Mushroom has seed, and this seed is called spawn. It is prepared through a laboratory process called tissue culture. Don’t worry; you don’t need to go through all the process.

You can read  detailed information on how to get the already prepared seeds here.

Mushrooms grows on wood and there is a method you can use as a mushroom farmer to cultivate mushroom and harvest daily for commercial purpose.

You don’t even need a large piece of land to be a successful mushroom farmer, yes; you just need a small piece of land to build your cropping house.

A cropping house is where you cultivate your mushroom. Like I said earlier, it is not like every other agricultural venture. I haven takem time to explain more on how to prepare your cropping house in one of my posts on mushroom farming. 

Click this link to read more on how to prepare your cropping house.

Mushroom cultivation is the most versatile and prolific agricultural venture all over the world. Mushroom is highly profitable as inputs are locally available.

In conclusion, mushrooms can be used to produce drinks and packaged for distribution locally and internationally. 

You can join the team of mushroom farmers and impact your generation. You don’t need to continue to look for a job and wait to be paid at the end of the month; you can work for yourself, employ others and contribute to the development of the country. You can achieve a huge success within 6 months  if you are focused.



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  2. Hi Mildred thanks for accepting my subscriptiom, please how much is the cost of 100/300 ready-made colonized bags and where to get them. 2. Do you have any mushroom farm or industry where i can visit for sight-seeing in order to gain more practical experience and confidence. Your responce will allow to plan ahead. Thank you

    1. Hi Johnson, I’m so sorry for the late response. Have been very busy lately. I don’t know the cost of colonized bags now as the rate of inflation is very high. But I will direct you to someone you can call. My for training and full details on how to get started with your mushroom farming business. Chat me up on WhatsApp for her phone number. She stays in Port Harcourt. This is my Whatsapp no. 08185741226. Best Regards.

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