How to Package and Supply Food Stuffs

, How to Package and Supply Food StuffsBefore I delve into this topic on how to package and supply food stuffs in Nigeria, I will like to give you some useful info on why you should consider this business, especially if you are wondering if this business can bring you good returns on investment. Let’s see the possibilities of succeeding in this business.

Why Package and Supply Foodstuffs?

Packing food stuffs and supplying in Nigeria is one business that is not saturated.  We all know that these days women no longer stay at home, doing nothing to contribute to the needs of the family.

They are either working in offices or doing one business or the other to support their families financially. As such, they lack enough time to cook when they needed to and those that do cook often get exhausted and stressed up due to the work – load, that is why there is a need for supply of food -stuffs in offices.

Yes, I mean it, You can package and supply food stuffs in offices. You know that to make money, you need to look for a need and meet it. People are not seeking for such services because they have not seen it. Or perhaps they don’t know such services exist. If you create it, others will follow. There is  a serious need for it.

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How Lucrative is This Business?

Let me cite a good example, if I have job and I work from 7 am to 5 pm daily, I must leave my home as early as 6 am to enable me get to my office before 7 am, especially in Lagos where there is so much issues with traffic.

Now, if I have to go to work from Monday to Friday, it is obvious that I will not have the  time to go to market to cook for my family. Even if I’m able to do that, I’ll be doing it with much difficulty since it is my duty to take care of the home and prepare food for my family.

If I am doing that because I do not have an option, I will definitely be stressed up because of the work load. But if I have someone that comes to me and say “madam, I have foodstuffs already cleaned, will you like to buy? So you don’t worry about going to market to buy and clean them.”

What do you think I will do?, I will gladly accept her offer.  Especially if she agrees to be bringing it to my office cleaned and well packaged.  I will gladly jump at the offer and buy from the supplier to cook for my family without the stress of washing, cutting and cleaning all the things I will need. since all the hard work has been taken care of.

So you see, there are many people that need the services of suppliers of food stuffs in their offices. All you need do is sit down and plan, then go to offices and start telling people about the services you render.

Types of Food Stuffs to Package and Supply

Someone might ask what type of food stuffs can I supply? Right, you can supply any food stuff ranging from meat, fish, periwinkle, crabs, snail, melon, okra, onions, tomatoes, semolina, garri, foo-foo, vegetables etc.

To make your services unique, you can go the extra mile to clean up the stuffs you supply. Thereby making the buyer save time and energy.  For instance, if you want to supply snails you will do well to remove them from the shells clean them up, wash them thoroughly and put them in takeaway packs.

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The same goes for other products. I’m quite sure if you do that you will sell more than someone that supplies without cleaning his or her stuff.

On a final note, I advise you to take this business seriously, because you hardly see any-one doing this and if you do well, you will make it big.

I’m saying what I know. I had a colleague about 7 years ago; we worked together in a construction firm. She supplied things like crab, snails, fish, and meat.

She sourced for them, cleaned them up and put them in take away packs and you will be surprised to know that the stuffs sold like crazy.

One challenged she had was time because we worked 7 am to 5:30 pm and 7  am to 1 pm on Saturdays and the only time she had to do her business was on Saturday afternoon and Sunday after church service.

She sourced for the products on Saturday afternoon cleaned them up, put them in take away packs, puts them in the refrigerator and brought them to the office and supplied them during lunch break. She also supplied to her church members in their homes after service and people in her vicinity.

Some might ask again, how do I do such a business if I don’t have a refrigerator? You can buy ice blocks to preserve your stuff.

My colleague that I told you about , was able to do what she did, even with the nature of her work, so you sure know that anyone that is not working will do better than her in this business.

 Let me know your views on this.


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