How to Make Liquid Soap in Nigeria

How to make liquid soap in Nigeria
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How to make liquid soap in NigeriaI will be showing you how to make liquid soap in Nigeria in today’s post. Liquid soap is one item no house hold can do without. So, whether you need it for house hold cleaning or commercial purpose, you have come to the right place.

This is a simple step by step guide on how to produce liquid soap in Nigeria. You don’t need a special qualification to do this.  Even if you want to make it for commercial, this article will guide you through it all.You can produce and package your liquid soap with less than N50, 000. You have to package it well enable you  to get your products to a larger number of buyers all over the country.

There are two methods of producing liquid soap but I will reveal only one. I advice that you start small and perfect it before packaging.

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So, let’s get started.



These are the chemicals you need to produce liquid soap.

  1. Thickener
  2. Soda Ash
  3. Caustic soda (optional)
  4. Sulphurnic foaming agent
  5. Preservative
  6. Perfume (your choice)
  7. Colour (optional)
  8. S. L. S
  9. Texapon
  10. S. T. P. P
  11. Sodium sulphate


  1. 1kg of thickener (Antisol) goes with
  2. 100 ltrs of water
  3. 2 spoons of colour
  4. 1kg of soda ash
  5. ¼ kg of caustic soda
  6. 5 litres of sulpurnic
  7. 1 kg S.L.S
  8. 1 kg of Texapon
  9. 5cl of preservative
  10. 1kg of S.T.P.P
  11. ¼kg of sodium sulphate
  12. 2 small  bottles of perfume

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  1. Put your 1kg thickener into 15 ltrs of water in a container and stir vigorously, then allow for 48hrs (2days). Add water continuously while you stir.
  2. Add your soda ash also into a small container with water of about 2ltrs and stir very well.
  3. Keep on stirring your soaked thickener and soda ash at intervals until it dissolves.

4. After 48 hrs (2days), bring all the chemicals needed for liquid soap and pour the soda ash into the thickener and stir vigorously.

5. Mix caustic soda, S.T.P.P or sodium sulphate, texapon, colour and S.L.S into 2 liters of water separately and stir very well, pour into the thickener and stir vigorously.

6. Mix sulphurnic foaming agent with 4 liters of water and stir very well, then add it to the thickener and stir very well.

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7. Add perfume and stir well.

8.Add Preservative and stir very well and allow the foam to go down and use.

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Note:It is important to put the preservative last; otherwise it will make other items not to dissolve properly.


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