Why you Need a Web Hosting Service for Your Business

Web Hosting

Before I proceed I want to briefly explain what web hosting is.

Web hosting is a service that provides space for websites on the internet. It is where you display your products and services on the internet for customers to see what you offer.  It is the same as you renting a physical shop to display your wares.

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So, a web hosting service is your online shop where people can come and look for things they need, it could be products or services but your website will give all necessary details of your products and services.

I strongly advise that as a business man or woman you set up a WordPress self – hosted blog, because it is just the best for now.  The URL of free websites are always ugly because they go with the name of the free web service after your own name for example if you use a free web hosting from google’s blogger you will have www.abc.blogspot .com for google blogger or www.abc.wordpress.com for WordPress  free blog. So you see it looks and sounds ugly but when you have a website or a blog that ends with .com, .net, .biz etc. everyone will know that you are serious business man.

You Also Need a Domain Name

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A domain name is your internet business name, just as the physical address of your shop or the name of your business. Domain names are always cheap and most web hosting services come with free domain names. Which means you may not pay for a domain name when you subscribe for their web hosting service.

Who Needs a Web Hosting Service?

Whether you are a trader, manufacturer, producer, internet marketer, caterer, tailor, freelancer, a blogger etc. you need a web hosting service, because having a website or a self – hosted blog will give you the opportunity to get more customers and stand out among your peers. I have also seen a situation where after introducing your business people will ask, “do you have a website” or “give me your website so I can take time to see what you offer”  now, in such a situation if your response is “I don’t have a website” the person won’t take you serious.  Today almost everything sells online, so if you have a business and you don’t have a self – hosted blog or website you may not do well, with a self – hosted blog you will sure do better. There are also some websites on the internet that will not allow you to sell their affiliate products if you don’t have a wordpress self-hosted blog, so you see to be able to build a good reputation as a business man you need a self-hosted blog.

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Why a WordPress Self-Hosted Blog?

Word press blog is central when it comes to blogging, almost every blogger uses WordPress.  With a WordPress self-hosted blog you don’t have anyone bossing you around, you are fully in charge of your business, you monetize your blog the way you want. Unlike blogger, WordPress has hundreds of plugins which gives you the ability to perform various functions and with thousands of free word press themes you can design your blog as you desire.              With your .com URL, you create an impression in the hearts of your visitors as a professional in what you do. So, there is no alternative to WordPress self – hosted blog when it comes to making money as a blogger.

When I started internet business I started with blogger and Hubpages  but those free blogging sites are always very frustrating. They give you dos and don’ts and if you default in any you get your account terminated. Because google blogger and HubPages use Adsense pay per click ads, if they don’t approve of your application you cannot make money and every business- man is in business to make money so why should you waste your time doing business and not make money?  Now with my self – hosted WordPress blog I have other alternatives of making cool money online. I monetize my blog the way I like and nobody can intimidate me. So, if you need a self-hosted blog below is a step by step guide on how to buy a web hosting service/plan.

How to Buy a Domain Name without Putting Pressure on Your Pocket.

If you are a blogger, a freelancer, trader, producer, manufacturer, caterer or tailor and have been looking for a web hosting site that will not tell much on your pocket, this is an opportunity for you to have your own domain name and web hosting service. Yes with just N9000 you can get a domain name and host your site for one year from A Small Orange. A Small Orange is cheap and has quality service.

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Below is a description of the services A Small Orange renders.

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  • $5 per month
  • 5 GB of Storage
  • 50 GB of Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains
  • 24/7 Email + LiveChat Support

Like I stated above, I want to help you set up your WordPress self -hosted blog. I am not charging you any money. I will set up a WordPress blog,install widgets and the theme all for free.

Now to qualify for this offer, this is what you should do.

  • Buy your web-hosting plan from the link I gave above (A Small Orange)
  • Send me an e mail with your user name for “A Small Orange” registration to confirm your purchase.

As soon as I confirm your purchase I will send the e-book to you.

Below is a link to guide you on how to buy the web hosting plan from A Small Orange.

Click on this link  How to Buy a Web Hosting Plan With N9000 


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