Kidney Failure / Disease – A Menace to Our Society – How Do We End it?

Kidney Failure / Disease – A Menace to Our Society – How Do We End it?

Kidney failure/disease

Kidney failure

The rate at which, young people are being diagnosed of kidney disease and failure is alarming. Every time I see a young boy, girl, man or woman on television lie on their sick bed, soliciting for funds for treatment abroad, it breaks my heart. I feel troubled inside knowing that kidney failure does not have a cure, it can only be treated by kidney transplant and or dialysis, which is very expensive, and I know that many people are not able to afford dialysis, talk more of kidney transplant. Some even die in the process of transplant, while those who survive the transplant live on drugs for the rest of their lives. Then I wonder what happens to those who don’t have money to buy drugs for sustenance for the rest of their lives.  He/she will definitely suffer and die, don’t you think?

I listened to two interviews about two years ago, one on radio and the other on television and the two interviews featured two prominent celebrities who survived kidney transplants.  One thing that struck me was that, they both said they go for regular checkup abroad and are to live on drugs for the rest of their lives. Though they may be able to afford the bills, since they are celebrities, it will not be easy for them. Yes, they have to cut down their other expenses to be able to meet up with their medical expenses. Now, if such celebrities will not find it easy, what do you think will happen to someone that is not in any way popular or not earning a reasonable income to face such health challenges?  There is a need for every one of us to prevent this health challenge. Kidney failure is a threat to our society and the earlier we tackle it the better for all of us.

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How Do We End this Menace?

I believe this issue of kidney failure can be stopped, if we can stop being skeptical and face the challenge. We must take time to know certain things concerning our health.     When an aged person suffers from kidney failure, it can likely be traced to high blood pressure or diabetes. But when young people of about to twenty-five to thirty five years of age suffer from kidney problems, can we say it is high blood pressure? Of course not, it could be as a result of poor health conditions, drinking of alcohol, smoking and eating foods that promotes  accumulation of toxins in the body.

Here, I strongly advise that young people should stay away from strong drinks, and tobacco. I know that some of you reading this, will not want to take this advice but I tell you the truth, “prevention is better  than cure”.  Those that lie down on their sick bed today because of kidney failure, do you think they don’t regret the condition they find themselves? They sure regret it, I am sure they will be saying “I wish I can come out from this condition, I will never drink or smoke again”. You see, they have learnt their lesson, but you, yes you that is reading this article, if you can take my advice seriously, you will save yourself from this trouble, stop drinking and smoking.

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Another way to stop this menace is by going for test in the hospital, which of course the doctor cannot diagnose by mere feeling the kidneys with the hands except by carrying out a test, which will show any possible risk of kidney disease.

There is another test that will expose any potential health problems existing in the organs of the body. It suggests the likely presence of the main disease, which helps the tested person to obtain early treatment of the disease, rather than waiting for the full manifestation of the disease which could result to death. Now, this test when done searches all the organs of the body, and points to any possible disease in any of the organs in the body. This test is done with Quantum Analyzer. It has saved many lives by pointing to the disease early before its full manifestation. So, if you see any one in your area with that analyzer, please don’t ignore them, stop them and ask them to run a test on you. It will show all the organs of your body and tell you what to do. To know more about this analyzer read my article on how to prevent incurable disease using quantum magnetic analyzer.

Another way to stop this menace is by taking good herbal drugs, in the case of any possible kidney disease. Let me also state here that kidney disease is not the same as kidney failure. While kidney disease is a condition where the kidneys don’t work effectively due to bacterial infection or high blood pressure and or diabetes which can be treated with antibiotics and if the cause is related to high BP or diabetes treating them first is necessary. Kidney failure is a situation where the kidneys stopped working and can only be treated by dialysis or kidney transplant. I will give you an instance here.       There was a boy of about 16 years of age who was diagnosed of a kidney failure, he was admitted in a teaching hospital. Then one day the doctor treating him, due to the fact that after several treatments with the antibiotics in the hospital could not have a breakthrough, called one of our consultants to see him concerning the boy’s case and after his meeting with the doctor, he prescribed some herbal drugs which include the detoxin tablets, kidney care and other drugs, the doctor bought those herbal drugs for this little boy and within an interval of two weeks called the consultant, thanking him for the drugs, because the boy started getting better and finally recovered from that health challenge because his kidneys were repaired by the use of the herbal drugs prescribed by the consultant .

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Kidney disease can be treated, if diagnosed early and the kidneys can start working again.

We can also prevent kidney disease/failure by eating mainly organic foods. Today in our society people tend to show off their financial capacity by eating processed foods and drinks from eateries, super markets etc. But the truth is that such show offs can only land them in hospital bed if they don’t stop it.

As a matter of fact some Nigerians like imported foods more than our locally produced foods because in their own proud minds they are living big. But unknown to them they are gradually digging their graves with their own hands. Yes, I mean it. I remember several decades ago we didn’t have these health issues that are so rampant today.

Most of our agricultural products are cultivated with fertilizers which not organic but chemical based. We inhale polluted air from exhaust pipes and gas flaring.  Some of the fishes we eat today are produced from artificial foods which made from chemicals. Even the soft drinks we take daily contain toxins that cause harm to our vital organs.

The bottom line is we must deliberately stop every behavior and habit that threatens our lives. We must consciously develop and practice safe health habits by eating natural foods and drinks.

The last thing I want to talk about here, on how to stop this menace is by detoxifying your body system. To detoxify means to remove harmful substance from your body. There are various ways you can detoxify your system.

  • You can detoxify by eating fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Mix lime/lemon with water once a week.
  • Mix salt with water once a week
  • Take detoxifying tablets once every month.

These are some of the ways we can stop this menace of kidney failure.

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If you have learnt anything from this article, please don’t keep it to yourself;  tell someone about this, this menace must stop!

Let’s join our hands together and put an end to this problem.

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