How to Start cryptocurrency Business in Nigeria

The Cryptocurrency Revolution Today on this article I will be talking about how to start   cryptocurrency business in Nigeria. But before I go ahead to give you details on how you can start cryptocurrency business, I want to first make you understand what cryptocurrency is.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to be used as a means of exchange with the use cryptography to secure the transactions. It is a decentralized digital currency and as such is void of government intervention or rules that dictate to users how and when to withdraw or deposit money. It is also free from high transaction charges compared to the use of centralized currency of any government.      Sponsored Link

Bitcoin was the first decentralized crytocurrency which was founded in 2009 and until 2013 bitcoin was not really recognized.

When bitcoin was newly introduced on the world wide web, several people were skeptical of what will become of it. Several people invested in bitcon but were not really sure it was going to be of much value as it is today.

A programmer Laszlo Hanyecz, invested in bitcoin but because it was not relevant, back then in 2010 he made the first real-world transaction by buying two pizzas in Jasksonville for $10,000 USD.

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If this man knew that bitcoin will become widely used or that it will become the highest currency in the whole world, he would have waited patiently for it to increase in value. And the $10,000 he used for 2 pieces of pizza would be worth more than $10,000,000.

Another interesting story on cryptocurrency is about a student. In 2009, a Norwegian student Kristoffer Kosh, while working on his thesis about encryption came across bitcoin, he bought $27 worth of Bitcoin and forgot about it.

In April 2013, the price of bitcoin started climbing high and it received widespread media coverage that he remembered he bought some bitcoin years ago. He started looking for the password he used when he bought the bitcoin, when he eventually remembered his password he logged in and found out  that the small investment of about $27 USD has become $886,000 USD.

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He cashed in about one fifth of his bitcoin and he was able to buy a house with it in Toyen, one of the richer parts of the Oslo the capital of Norway.

Now, how can you take advantage of the crptocurrency revolution? Money is a medium of exchange that is, a “must use” for everyone all over the world. Every human as far as life is concern on this world need money to meet his/her everyday needs. With the present economic recession, several businesses are at the verge of collapse while some have already collapsed.

Cryptocurrency has come to stay, and cryptocurrency business puts money in the pockets of millions of people daily, without leaving their homes.

Today, people stay in the comfort of their homes making millions, yet some people still believe that if you don’t work like those leaving their homes to sell or go to work in the morning and return in the evening you cannot make money. The world has become a global village and as such, you can stay at home and make money online without stepping out of your home.

The most reliable investment that will give investors good return on investment (ROI) is the cryptocurrency investment. Investing in cryptocurrency is the surest way to increase your earnings without stress.

Even when you put your money in fixed deposit, the highest you can get is 7% after 3-9 months. But investing in cyrptocurrency will give you well over 20% monthly,  depending on the company you are investing with.

Remember the story of the student that invested only $27 in 2009 and after about 4 years, he realized his investment has yielded so much profit that he was able to buy a house in the capital of his country.

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Whether you are working for someone or you are working for yourself, you can start cryptocurrency by investing in crytocurrency and go back to sleep and you will wake up to realize just like that man from Norway that you have become a multi- millionaire.

The bottom line is, you can take advantage of the cryptocurrency revolution now as time and timing is very important to succeeding in life. Yes, there are people that will wake up to realize that they have been left behind because the opportunities available now in crytocurrency will be no more in few years to come, so this is the time you can invest and make money before it becomes saturated.

Presently there are new cryptocurrencies looking for investors to invest and make money while they sleep. I have also invested and I make money daily.

There are hundreds of Cryptocurrencies on the internet but I will be giving you a tip on one called Edinar. It is a cryptocurrency that gives you 20% monthly for investing.

You can also read reviews on edinar currency before investing, so you will know if it’s a scam nor not. You can also contact me using any of the numbers below.

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