How to Start Backyard Fish Farming in Nigeria

Fish farming has become very popular today, unlike several decades ago. When we relied solely on the fishes gotten from the deep sea and rivers.

How to Start Fish Farming in Nigeria

Due to oil spillage caused by extraction of oil and vandalizing of oil pipelines, the sea and river water bodies and polluted, thereby causing mortality of the fishes in the water bodies.

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As dogged as we are as Nigerians, we have always looked for ways of getting out of any unpleasant situation we find ourselves.

This is one reason we have people all over this country that have gone into the business of fish farming and I am very sure that anyone that have the desire to start  fish farming can start and make money big time.

However, to start fish farming (cat fish), there are a few things you need to know before going into a small scale cat fish farming business. So follow me as I give you tips on how to start a fish farming business at your back yard.

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 Things Needed to Start Fish Farming            

  1. Finance: Before going into fish farming, the cost should be considered. Fish farming is capital intensive. So, the first thing to consider is the money, when you have the money to get the other things I will list out in this article, then you are good to go.
  2. Water tanks: Since we are talking about fish farming at your back yard, you don’t have to worry your head about land space. You will only need water tanks to put your fishes and if you have enough space, I advise that you get at least three or four water tanks. (I will talk about this later).
  1. Water: You will need a constant supply of water as you already know that fishes cannot survive without water. Get a plumber to fix taps for you to supply water for the fish.
  1. Good drainage system: It is very important to have a good drainage system to drain water daily from the farm (farm). Since you will feed the fishes in the tank which is not their natural habitat, the water gets dirty as a result of the food supplied to them in the tank and if left for days without draining, the fishes will all die. So, a good drainage system is necessary to keep them healthy.
  2. Drying / Processing Unit: Having a processing unit is also important to start fish farming. There are times you will have people requesting for dried fish, instead of the regular fresh ones. With a processing unit, you make more money, though it could be tasking but it will also provide space for more fishes.

Having put all these steps in place follow me as I show you how to go about your fish farming business the easy way.

Starting your Fish Farming Business

  • Buy fingerlings to start with, I say this because if you decide to produce the fingerlings yourself, you may lose money as this requires the service of a specialist. If you don’t have knowledge of how to produce fingerlings, buy from a reputable and well – established fish farm.
  • Put the fingerling in your tank filled with water. There are different sizes of feeds for different sizes of fish; the fingerlings have their own feeds. When you feed them properly, you can harvest your fish within 4-6 months.

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Harvesting and Marketing

Harvest is when the fishes are matured and are ready for consumption or sale. As I said earlier, you can buy at least three or four tanks. The reason is to transfer the fishes to another tank so as to create a favorable environment for them to grow as the days go by.

Remember you started with fingerlings, those are very tiny fishes which are expected to grow daily and as they grow they will become too crowded in one place, so it’s important to move them to another tank, for healthy growth.


Now that you have started your farm and have fishes big enough for harvest, you move them to another tank filled with water. You stock them there and sell to clients.

When it comes to marketing the fishes, you need to publicize your business.

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This can be done by printing business cards and giving to friends, family members, hotels and restaurants. Let people know you can supply to them.

Hotels and restaurants may tell you they have customers that supply to them. But you don’t have to give up.

What you need to do, before going to such hotels is to make a research and find out how much they buy the fishes and the sizes, then you bring down your price and there you can be asked to supply.


Processing the Fishes

I didn’t mention things you need to dry some of the fishes as some people prefer dried fish.

You can get an oven, preferably gas or electric cooker that has oven.

Clean the fishes and process them and there you have your dry fish.


Drying some of the fishes is also important to enable you.




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