How to Start a Seminar Brokerage Business in Nigeria

skills-835747_640People all over the world are looking for new ways of improving their lives. Information they say is power and as far as this life is concerned, people will continue to search for information to help them make informed decisions about their health, retirement, eating habits, investment opportunities, weight loss and so on.

You can organize seminars and employ the services of experts in various aspects and charge a fee for everyone that intends to benefit from such seminars.

In this article, I want to give you tips on how you can start a seminar brokerage business to help people with information to improve their lives while you make money in the process.

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A seminar broker is one who organizes seminars by negotiating with organizations and individuals who will either speak or attend the seminars.

To be a seminar broker, you don’t need a special qualification, though it is important you acquire knowledge on organizing business seminars. This will make you an authority in your chosen career.  It will also boost your confidence as a business seminar broker.

Here are some tips to get you started as a seminar broker.

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  1. Get Trained as a Business Broker

Though it may not be necessary, it is important to have knowledge of what you are going into as this will help you overcome the competition and boost your confidence. There are several brokers associations you can register to get trained as a business seminar broker.

The American Business Brokers Association is one profession organization you can enroll for a 2 – day seminar to help you get started on the right note.

The international Business Brokers Association (IBBA) is another professional body; you can enroll online to acquire knowledge as a broker.

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  1. Get your Business Registered

Before you fully launch into your business, it is important to register your business and do all the necessary paper – work that needs to be done, without which you might have problems in the future.

There are several obligations and guidelines for starting a business which varies from one state to the other and from one country to another.

Find out from your country, state or local agency to ensure you take all the necessary actions that are required of you before kick – starting your seminar brokerage business. This will help you avoid getting into trouble with the government agencies in your state or country. You can also contact business consultants to help you with all the necessary information and tax issues that need to be taken care of before you launch out.


  1. Choose your Niche

While organizing different seminars at various times will make you more money, choosing a niche will help you concentrate and focus on what you are set out to do and attract prospective clients. You can also merge various topics and contact specialized speakers who will speak on their areas of specialization.

To get a large number of people to attend your seminars, you need to search and find out within your area, the information people are looking for and choose your topics around such topics.

  1. Contact Experts

Knowing fully that your business is focused on training people by organizing seminars, you need the services of experts. You have to contact experts in the topics you have chosen to feature. These experts must be people that have a good reputation and tract record in their chosen profession as this will attract more people to attend your seminars.

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Since you are just starting your business, you need to build a relationship with such experts. They may not know you but such people are always very popular, so you can find out more about them on the web and contacting them by sending them a mail telling them what you do and how you want them to feature in your seminar.


  1. Write up a Marketing Plan

Target your prospective clients by making publications on business/trade magazines, business publications and websites or blogs.

Today almost every business is online, millions of people visit the web for information daily, so creating your blog or website to showcase your site and let people know about you and your business is sure fire way to get clients to attend your seminars.

You can also create an online portal to allow prospective clients to enroll and make payments online.

  1. Timing and Place is Necessary

The day, time and place of the seminar are factors that will determine the turnout of attendees. So thinking carefully and planning the date, time and venue of your seminar is important. I strongly advise that you organize your seminars by zoning them and moving them from one state or region to the other. It is also necessary to choose venues that are close to the people you expect to attend your seminars.

On a final note, know that seminars take time and effort to plan. They become easier with experience but in the long run you will reap the dividends if you do it right.

What is your take on this? Please share your views here.

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