How to Start a Chicken Farm in Nigeria – Beginners Guide


chicken-14428_640 (2)Poultry farming is one business that has been in existence over the years and will continue to thrive as a result of the increasing migrants in Nigeria.

Several decades ago, I know that we had the locally trained chickens. Though we had few people that were engaged in the modernized poultry farming, the population of Nigeria was not as large as it is today.

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Today the population of Nigeria is about 180 million or thereabout. Come to talk of those migrants who are in Nigeria because of their businesses.

About 2 decades ago, we didn’t have as many migrants as we have today and that is because technology is increasing and several investors come into this country to invest and do business. Some of these people own hotels, restaurants, telecommunication companies and several other organizations. Which also makes the demand for poultry products to increase drastically, this implies that there is a need for more people to be involved in poultry farming to meet the increasing need for poultry products. We all know that most of the chickens consumed in this country are imported from the neighboring African countries.

Consequently, I think it will be very helpful if those that have the resources can go into poultry farming, especially, in Nigeria. Knowing that the federal government of Nigeria is embracing agriculture and sooner or later the importation of chicken will be banned totally. And the agricultural sector is one area that is going to boom in no distant time. So what are you waiting for? You can embrace poultry farming and make money producing eggs and meat.

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What is the Profit Potential for a Poultry farmer in Nigeria?

Poultry products are used at homes, hotels, restaurants, and organizations.  The need for poultry products is increasing by the day and these products can be harvested daily. People eat eggs at home, offices, restaurants, hotels and canteens. People also use chicken for meat in several ways and places. So any poultry farmer can be rest assured that he/she will make it big if done right.

There are two basic ways of poultry farming namely the broiler production and the layer production.

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Broiler Production

Broiler is a heavy bodied domesticated fowl raised specifically for meat production.

Broiler production is therefore, the process by which broiler chickens are nurtured and prepared for meat.

Method of Broiler Production

The production of broiler has become a lot easier because of the modern broiler houses as the producers now have great control over the house environment. Birds can be placed at higher densities as long as the right environment is provided. This includes humidity, ventilation, and temperature.

You can also produce broilers to coincide with festive periods such as the New Year, Christmas, Easter, and other festivals that bring about increase in demand for meat and especially chicken.

Factors to Consider When Determining Stocking Density

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  • Feeder space
  • Bird size
  • Drinker space
  • House dimension
  • Welfare
  • Nutrition
  • Breed
  • Performance and economic return

Broilers should be given more space, so as to promote good health for the chickens and enable the farmer produce high quality chickens. Ventilation and climate is important to enable the broilers convert consumed feed into body mass. The broilers health and welfare also depends on the climate controlled environment. Because a healthy and well ventilated environment will keep the broilers healthy, thereby making the farmer to save money on medications and maximize profit.

However, if you are going into commercial broiler production, you will need a large space of land, which should be away from your home but should be located in a strategic area that will make it easy for you to transport the chickens to the market. It should also be motor able to enable prospective buyers to have easy access to the farm.

Another important aspect of poultry farming is the drinking water. The water for the chickens should be clean water, as this is also necessary for healthy life and in turn increase profit for the farmer.

Layer Production

A layer is a fowl that produces eggs instead of meat.

A farmer that produce eggs buys day-old chicks, which are placed in layer pens.

It is also important to vaccinate the chicks to keep them healthy. When a layer gets older, it loses its ability to lay, it lays for about one year.

Bottom line is, poultry farming has a great potential to make the farmer rich within a short period of time if done properly, so you can research for more information on poultry farming.

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