How to Make Perfume in Nigeria

How to Make Perfume
Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils, odorant or flavor used to give the human body, objects, offices, and living places a nice scent. People use perfumes every day and there are people that are so obsessed with perfume that they can’t do without it for a day.

Before now we know that producing or making things like perfume and house- hold items were not easy to learn but thanks to innovations that have taken over Nigeria, Africa and the world over, that today someone can start producing his or her own products with little capital and make money from it. One can also register his/her business with as little as N20, 000 and get approval from NAFDAC.

I have written a free e-book on how to produce household items on liquid soap, bleach, dettol, izal and other things and want to teach you how you can produce perfume, give it your brand name and make money by selling directly to consumers or better still, you can sell online, supply to shops and super – markets.

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Why You Need to Start Your Own Perfume Business.

Here in Nigeria, we have young people graduating from tertiary institutions without jobs. The rate of unemployment has greatly increased because of the present economic challenge as people are being retrenched daily. But I don’t advise that they stay idle because they are not employed by a company or the government. Such unemployed youths can get employed by creating jobs for themselves. Yes, there are several ways to create jobs that will make you do better than a paid worker that sits in his office for a monthly salary. A paid worker is working and minding the business of his/her boss. But a business owner owns his own business, does not report to anyone, and does not wait for someone to pay him. He pays himself and takes his own decisions. The good thing about perfume is that you can take your products with you anywhere you go and sell it anywhere. So, you can take a decision to mind your own business by starting your own business today.

So, you can take a decision to mind your own business by starting your own business today.

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How Much Can you Make from Perfume?

I know this is one of the questions that will be ringing in your mind. Now, let’s look at it this way, in a group of 100 people in the urban areas, at least, 80 people use perfumes? Now, if such a number of people use perfume, you should know that it is very easy to make money making your own perfume. As a matter of fact you can make as much as N7000 a week as a starter and if you know how to market your products you can make far more than N10000 a week (you can sell each perfume for as low as N200 depending on the size) Imagine how much you will make when you get a network of customers that have come to trust your product.

I do most of the things I talk about in this blog for part time so I know what I am talking about. I know how much you can make from bleach, liquid soap, izal, Dettol and others, but perfume pays far more than all of them, in terms of profit. In fact, perfume business will give you over 300% return on investment. You can even start with as low as N3000 and triple that amount in a week. Or better  yet, if you can star big the better for you. 

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I have taken time and energy to write an e-book that will teach you step-by-step how to make perfume, package, and market it.

You will also learn how to register your business with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and get NAFDAC registration.

This e-book is worth N10000 but I don’t want to be bogus. I have decided to put it at a very low price so that everyone that needs it can afford it. 

This e-book goes for just N3000. Yes! With just N3000 you will get this e-book with all its contents.

I don’t believe in just selling anything because I want to make money. If you have been following this blog, you will know that I don’t charge money for most of the information I give. I give every subscriber of this blog free “How to Start Guides” with my free e-book.

I have seen people selling other people’s information that they stole from the internet at very high prices without having practical knowledge of the information.

Every article I have written here was written by me. You can see that the images I use for production of liquid soap and others are taken by me during production, Even the image on this article you are reading now, about perfume was taken by me and all are my products. I didn’t buy them, I made the perfumes myself.

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Now, if I could give information that is worth N20,000 for free. Then you should know that whatever I decide to sell at any price will give you value for your money. 

I am not trying to  boast here, but I have received complaints from people that bought e-books from people who claim to have formulas for liquid soap, germicides, toilet cleaner and bleach that no one else has in Nigeria. Only to realize later that they don’t offer anything of value.

Such people stumbled on my blog and realized that they had wasted money. They downloaded my free e-book and called to thank me for the free information which is of more value than the one they bought with money.

This e-book, “How to Make Perfume” is loaded with information that will help you even if you have other products you want to register with NAFDAC.

This book also comes with a BONUS package that will teach you how you can make consistent income with this information.

Below are the contents of the e-book.                                                                                                                                                                       

  • How to Make Perfume

How to Make Perfume 





  • Where you Can Buy the Items in Lagos and Port Harcourt
  • Where to Get the Items for Packaging and How to Package it
  • How to Register Your Business with Corporate Affairs Commission (i.e. if you want to register now otherwise you can start your business and register later)
  • How to Register your Business with NAFDAC
  • How to Get a .com website for your business
  • How to Market Your Product Online
  • A secret that will make you earn money from this business endlessly.


You can pay into the account below.


Account Name: Mildred H. Opara

Account Number: 0039166332

After paying, send me an e-mail at and you will receive the e-book as soon as I confirm your payment.

For more information on this contact me on WhatsApp- 08185741226 / 07015429335 or call me on 08030648867.






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