Best Business Ideas for Nigerians in 2017

business-idea-534228_1920There are several businesses in Nigeria, but as the days go by, new businesses are springing up. Though some are still very new, it will take a determined person to plunge into new businesses that are just springing up. If you want to go into a new business that is not too common, there is assurance that you will rake in millions before others will come to know about such business opportunities. Like the pure water business that is so common today, the person that started it made millions before it spread to all nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Right now in Nigeria, pure water still sells more than several other businesses in Nigeria.

However, this post is about new business ideas in Nigeria this year 2017, so let’s look at some of them. I have written some post on some business ideas and how to start guides; I will be talking about some of the new ones that yet to be explored. Let’s see the list below….

  1. Gele Tying: This is one business that has been there for ages, but has not been taken seriously. And today people pay to learn how to tie gele. Gele tying has become a business that generates employment for unemployed persons. Thanks to civilization and innovation, people rake in millions tying gele for people.

If you have passion for Nigerian fashion, you can start learning how to tie gele and be your own boss. If you already know how to tie it, you can improve on your skills by enrolling for training and earn money tying gele.

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  1. Making Ankara Bags, Shoes, and Clothes: Before now, Africans and Nigerian were not really known outside the shores of our continent but the case is different today. African fashion designers have taken fashion to other parts of the world thereby portraying our culture outside Africa.

You can become a designer that specializes in making things with Ankara and still stand out because of its peculiarity. Today people want to sew Ankara clothes with shoes and bags to go with. You can search and find out where to get the training on Ankara stuffs and make money.

  1. Mushroom Cultivation: I have written several articles on mushroom cultivation and its potentials. Mushroom is one agricultural venture that will give you 100% return on investment. With thousands of multinational organizations in Nigeria, mushroom has become a gold mine. Yes, it has a ready market in Nigeria. Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, pizza joints and Chinese restaurants need daily supply of mushrooms. And truth is there are no enough mushroom farmers to satisfy the need for mushroom in Nigeria. Mushrooms can also be used for pharmaceuticals and drinks. So if you need a business that is not yet populated, mushroom farming is a good one to start with this New Year.

For more information on how to start mushroom farming click here.

  1. Quail Bird Farming: Quail bird is a small wild bird and research shows that the egg is used for the treatment of several health challenges, which includes infertility problems, heart-related problems (high and low blood pressure) kidney, blood sugar etc.  The list is endless.

For more information on quail bird farming, click here

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If you need more information on quail bird farming click here to read more.


  1. Poultry farming is one business that last been existing over the years and will continue to thrive as a result of the increasing migrants in Nigeria.

Several years ago, I know that we had the locally trained chickens. Though we had few people that were engaged in the modernized poultry farming, the population of Nigeria was not as large as it is now. Today the population of Nigeria is about 180million, talk more of those migrants who are in Nigeria because of their businesses.

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About 2 decades ago, we didn’t have as many migrants as we have today and that is because technology is increasing and several investors come into this country to invest and do business. Some of these people own hotels, restaurants, telecommunication companies and several other organizations. Which also makes the demand for poultry products to increase drastically, this implies that there is need for more people to be involved in poultry farming to meet the increasing need for poultry products. We all know that most of the chickens consumed in this country are imported from the neighboring African countries. So I think it will be very helpful if those that have the resources can go into poultry farming, especially, in Nigeria. Knowing that the federal government of Nigeria is embracing agriculture and sooner or later the importation of chicken will be banned totally. And the agricultural sector is one area that is going to boom in no distant time. So what are you waiting for? You can embrace poultry farming and make money producing eggs and chicken.

  1. Produce and Package your Own Products: Locally made household products like liquid soap, disinfectant, bleach, perfume,  and several others has become very common but anyone producing these products can package them and make more money. I have a free e-book on how to produce some of these items click here to download my free e-book.


  1. Mini Importation Business: Life is full of surprises, as it is commonly said; change is dynamic. Several decades ago, when we talk about importation business, one must have millions of naira to start an importation business. But today the case is different as people can sit in the comfort of their homes, in their under – wears, order for products online, pay for them online and receive them right in their homes. If you desire to make money in 2016, you can consider mini importation.



  1. Make and Package Drinks: Drinks just like food are important to our everyday life. We all need water, juice, yoghurt, kunu, zobo and other drinks to quench our thirst when we are thirsty. Every one of us needs drinks as much as we need food for survival. So, if you are looking to start a business in this new – year, making and packaging drinks could be the business you need to turn your finances around.

If you need more information on how to start yogurt download my free e-book here.



  • Fish Farming: This is one business that has changed the lives of many entrepreneurs in the agricultural industry. Several restaurants need supply of these fishes, either fresh or dry. You can look for a place and get basic skills on how to start fish farming, and you should smile to the bank weekly.

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  1. Snail Farming: Snails also known as Congo meat is a very rich source of protein. Snail farming is one of the cheapest agricultural ventures that will give you high return on investment. You can even start a snail farming with zero naira or at least N1000. So, you can start snail farming and make money without even spending money.


  1. Internet Business: Internet business is one business that has grown over the years and will continue to grow till the end of age. Today we see new businesses and various ways of making money spring from the internet daily. People can easily buy and sell on the internet without leaving there homes, people import items from various parts of the world from the comfort of their homes, without traveling abroad. There are also people who go to the internet to look for information on various issues and subjects daily. Have you ever thought of the people that make these things possible? Have you ever wondered who is behind these things? Do you even know that the answers and information we get when we search for vital information online are provided by individuals or group of persons that saw the need of others and decided to bring a  solution to meet those needs? Yes! They saw the need of people and decided to meet the needs. And as they meet the needs, they make money, cool money without jumping from one bus to the other.
  2. Production of Liquid Soap, Disinfectant, Bleach and other house hold items.   If you have been following my blog, you must have come across  several articles I have published on how to start various businesses. I have published articles on how to produce liquid soap, bleach, disinfectant, perfume and several others.  These are household items that people cannot do without, so having knowledge of how to make these things will help me reduce cost and create wealth for yourself.
  3. Palm Oil Production In Nigeria

Palm oil is an important commodity in Nigeria and any business minded person               can venture into this business for commercial purposes both locally and for export           to other countries. I have written an article on how to produce palm oil in Nigeria.             you can click on this link for detailed information.

To get more details on how to produce liquid soap, bleach, disinfectant, perfume                  click on the one you need to learn.






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